Professional Impressions Corporate Image Training
Professional Impressions Corporate Image Training
Professional Impressions Corporate Image Training
Professional Impressions Corporate Image Training


Are you Packaged for Success in today’s Attention Economy?
To be “Packaged for Success” is essential in today’s attention deficit times where our personal brands are constantly competing to be noticed.  Over 20 years we have empowered teams (from graduates to exec. management) with the skills to capture attention, regain the art of connection and command personal presence. As trusted advisors of medium size to Fortune 500 companies our “say it like it is” style, combined with INFO-tainment and powerful customised “take-aways” has led to the following results:

  • Boosted confidence in the team and company’s services and products
  • Higher sales
  • Increased credibility-individuals seen as trusted advisors
  • Created a competitive advantage
  • Enhanced persuasion and influence skills
  • Improved team morale, co-operation and productivity
  • Enhanced individual and company brand reputation
  • Improved client satisfaction and service
  • Increased brand loyalty

Clients have time again expressed that our presentations are uniquely tailored to suit the industry, company and audience resulting in both ROI and ROE (Return on Engagement).

Connect with us now to achieve the above results for your team or if you are a meeting planner or event organizer and wish to make an upcoming event/conference a memorable one!

“Haydee’s insightful presentation has raised the morale of our teams. Her ability to speak to both the rational and emotional sides makes her presentation one with long-term effect.”
Kirby Lewis – Manager of Corporate Communications – Toyota

“You have changed the daily lives of our staff.”
Babalwa Ngoyama – Partner – Deloitte

“Our entire sales and marketing team was given a wake-up call when Haydee took us through her presentation. The delivery was perfectly tuned with the message. This highlighted the full impact of the subconscious messages that we give out, when we don’t take note of what we wear and how we behave.”
John Backman – Commercial Marketing Manager – Adcock Ingram Gencare

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Professional Impressions Corporate Image TrainingProfessional Impressions Corporate Image Training-Miss South Africa

Professional Impressions Corporate Image Training







Haydee has coached celebrities, pageant finalists & Miss World 2014 – Rolene Strauss to make an ongoing lasting impression.

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