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Command Personal Presence ™

Command Personal Presence ™

9 Ways to Command Personal Presence ™ Have you ever met someone who stood out above the rest? This is Personal Presence in action. Acquire the tools to radiate a professional magnetism that influences others.

Women’s Event Presentations

Women’s Event Presentations

Ensure you inspire, entertain, educate and motivate your audience at your Women’s Day Event this year. Book one of our Women’s Day Speakers now if you want to make it this year’s most memorable experience!

Corporate Image Consultants

Find Out More about Our Professional Corporate Image Consultants Your personal and business success lies in your hands. How you manage your team and how your conduct yourself will have a direct bearing on how the world sees you and the brand that your represent. Where you are now and where you will end up […]

Corporate Image & Business Consultants

What You Can Expect When Hiring Corporate Image Consultants Dressing the part and behaving appropriate is absolutely essential if you want to be taken seriously in the business world, especially if you consider the fat that image is everything. Corporate image consultants are tasked with helping individuals to develop a better business image and if […]

Business Etiquette Training

Business Etiquette Training & Workshops Can Transform Your Company Brand and Image The way the general public sees your business and its brand will be the deciding factor when it comes to which service providers they support, when looking for a product or service that you to offer. Many businesses are completely unaware of how […]

Business Etiquette

A Few Tips to Help You Achieve Great Business Etiquette For those in the professional world, business etiquette is a collection of unwritten rules that need to be applied in order to have the correct approach when it comes to relationships, work environments and even social situations. In the world of business, having the appropriate […]

Women’s Month build-up

Women’s Month build-up

With women’s day nearing, we have had a large interest in our women only workshops. this time of the year is one of our busiest and it is always fantastic to know that companies and employers appreciate the women in their lives. Be sure to check out our Women’s events by clicking here and be […]

Women’s Day Workshops

Over the last two weeks we have been busy with our various women-only workshops ( if you would like to know more about these workshops click here) aimed at empowering and inspiring the woman of today. Some of our clients include Eskom, EOH, Consol Glass, J.P. Morgan and the Airports Company of Port Elizabeth. These […]

The Road to Miss SA

Haydee recently took the gorgeous Miss South Africa ladies through a powerful personal branding and etiquette principles workshop The presentation was televised for “THE ROAD TO MISS SA” insert and will be airing this Sunday – 30 October – on MZANSI MAGIC – Channel 107 on DTSV at 19:00pm – be sure to tune in […]

The Miss SA top 12 Finalists

The Miss SA top 12 Finalists

Last week was the official announcement of the top 12 Miss SA Finalists for this years competiton. I took the 16 finalists through a workshop the morning of the announcement and discussed how to be remarkable, what are we saying through our body language, the art of colour and how to build your personal wardrobe. […]

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