6 tips to bowl over a dream boss, as featured in Cosmo – Business Etiquette

People judge you within the first few seconds of meeting you. In the latest Cosmopolitan magazine I contributed to the article “30 Seconds That Can Change Your Life and shared 6 tips on how to bowl over a dream boss and improve your business etiquette.

‘I often hear from companies running graduate internship programmes that applicants arrive for interviews in boob tubes, denim skirts and torn jeans,’ says Haydee Antezana, CEO of Professional Impressions in Jo’burg.‘They think it’s enough to have finished top in their class – but it shows disrespect and that they haven’t done their homework on the company brand.’

1. Dress the part. Establish dress code from company website pictures or call and ask the receptionist. ‘Be fashionable but appropriate, and well-groomed.’

2. Arrive on time. ‘Being late shows not how busy you are but how disorganised,’ Antezana says. ‘We all know traffic can be bad; don’t use it as an excuse.’

3. Project positive energy. Walk tall, smile and give a firm handshake. Open with, ‘Hello, thank you for meeting with me.’

4. Make eye contact. ‘This shows openness and confidence in business circles worldwide, unless the person is of a culture where it could be considered rude,’ says Antezana. Take your cue from them.

5. Watch your voice. ‘Speaking too loudly or shrilly can drive people away before you can blink,’she says. Speaking too softly can project shyness and poor self-confidence, and speaking too fast may make you seem nervous.

6. Watch your body language. ‘Sit straight, focus fully, nod periodically, and don’t interrupt or fidget,’ she says.

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Remember, you never get a second chance to make an excellent first impression.