8 life lessons to learn before 30 – Motivational Speaker

These 8 life lessons to learn before you turn 30 will help you reach your potential and live your best life.

 1.Learn to live on purpose

We are placed on earth to find our purpose. It is your spirit seeking expression in some way or form. It is a calling on your life and even if you don’t know it- it is there.

“Your purpose is when the personality comes to help the energy of the soul.” – Gary Zukav

2.Learn to “play with winners”

Any relationship that leaves you feeling drained, guilty or too much like “hard work” is personally destructive. Have your own support group of “winners” in each area of your life.

3.Learn to always have a plan B

Whether it is “What do I do if my kids lift fails to pitch up?” or “What happens if I get retrenched?” having a back up plan gives you more confidence overall. Remember when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

4.Learn to be comfortable saying “no”

It may be turning down the awful guy asking for a date or saying you are unwilling to take on more responsibility being forced on you at work. Setting boundaries with friends, family and colleagues will win you their respect.

5.Learn to love your looks

By the time you have made it through your 30’s you will be less bedazzled by fashion and should be starting to collect great clothes that are flattering, stylish and really YOU. Your own personal style signature should be setting you apart. If you feel you have not quite got there yet, consider reinventing yourself ….and obtain a brand new style update.

6.Learn to eat healthily

Metabolisms slow down as you get older. What you eat now will determine your well being in the next few decades. Consult a dietician; join organisations like Weigh-less, read Patrick Holford.

7.Learn to do 1 new thing each month

Every month attempt to learn /achieve to do 1 new thing. It’s about welcoming change in your life – uprooting you from your comfort zone and taking you closer to finding your purpose. Be courageous, adventurous, step out of the box! So if it’s a skydiving course, swimming with the dolphins or discovering a new country – do it. Imagine by the end of the year that you can tell others (especially yourself) that you learnt 12 brand new “things” that year!

8.Learn to live in the present

Yesterday is History, Tomorrow a Mystery and today the Present- a Gift-do you see it that way? Most of the things we worry about cannot be changed or will never happen at all. Promise yourself that when you get to 70 that you won’t say “I wish I’d tried that – I’m sorry I didn’t”. Remember that what lies behind you and what lies before you are small things compared to what lies within you.

“Achieve all you can, but remember that life is happening now and if you’re not present it happens without you” – Unknown


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