Uncoding Cultural Diversity – Motivational Speaker

Embrace Diversity To Win

Professional Impression’s associate, Motivational Speaker and director of Young and Able, Buhle Dlamini shares his insight on the subject of diversity for Heritage Day.

Buhle Dlamini Professional Impressions associate

“When one ‘we’ gets to determine standards for all ‘we’s’ then some ‘we’s’ are in trouble.”

~ Lisa Delpit


One of the big keys to success in my life has been the ability to embrace diversity in its different forms. I wasn’t born this way, but the experiences and the choices I have made have helped me a great deal to deal with people who are different.

When you are able to not only embrace people that are different from you but go further and make a real connection, your life becomes much richer in ways I cannot begin to explain.


I have used the picture of my family, I am South African black Zulu man, married to Stacey a white Canadian, we adopted a Congolese girl Bijou and my younger brother Nhlanhla and then had two more kids Trinity and Khaya. My family is not only beautiful to look at but often intriguing for many and it represents the richness that we are blessed with everyday.


Even though I grew up in rural KwaZulu/Natal I was blessed to have experiences, mainly through The Salvation Army, that introduced me to diverse people. I quickly learned to find a common ground with anybody I came across. Later on when I was with a Youth For Christ International Team this attitude helped me and exposed me to even more diverse people and thereby deepening my experience. We don’t have to be confined by our own backgrounds but as we learn, connect and empathise with others we become better for it.


You Can Have A Much Richer, Wider Experience Of Life By Opening Yourself Up To Diversity.

We are all shaped by our history and our backgrounds but the great thing about this life is that we do not need to be confined by them. When you decide to step beyond the invisible boundary of what you perceive common and normal, a whole new world opens up. We are now living in a global village and the ones who are going to win in career, relationships and business are the ones who embrace diversity and seek to find a common ground. As Nelson Mandela once said, “The common ground is greater and more enduring than the differences that divide”, why not find the common ground today and win.


Buhle Dlamini is a Professional Impressions Associate, Motivational Speaker and director of Young and Able, to find out more about these and other workshops click here.