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The Importance of Corporate Etiquette in the Business World

In order to understand the importance of corporate etiquette, you first need to understand what it is. Etiquette in the business world is in many ways a list of unwritten rules that executives and corporate individuals are expected to follow. Those who follow these rules are considered to be conducting themselves appropriately in a professional setting and will command an executive presence that is respected and, of course, effective.

In order to have the correct manners and behave appropriately with others in your specific industry, you may need some pointers or even training. Those with good business etiquette will easily stand out from the others and become potential leaders in the field. With the right approach and the confidence to carry yourself appropriately in the work place, individuals will be able to reach goals and gain access to a variety of career opportunities that could otherwise be missed out on.

In the business world the relationships you build with others are absolutely critical to your overall success, because like they say, it’s not what you know but who you know. Good communication skills and the right approach will have you heard and noticed in the working environment. Having just the right amount of confidence and manners is a careful balance that must be learned.


Some examples of good etiquette for you to consider include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Mind your manners – this goes beyond saying please and thank you, it also includes giving your undivided attention during meetings, answering e-mails promptly, showing appreciation to those who help you, and respecting others’ time. Also, don’t forget to clean up after yourself and ask before taking things from work, including pens and other supplies that belongs to your company.
  • Act professional at all timesdon’t let your professionalism slide when your boss isn’t around or  during happy hours or company-sponsored parties, for example. It’s important to be professional at work, work functions, and, well, just about any time you’re representing your company. This even includes cyber professionalism. Never, ever Facebook or tweet negative things about work or anyone from work if you want to keep your job.
  • Greetings and Customs – make eye contact when greeting and talking to others. Furthermore, ensure that you smile and shake hands, unless of course the person’s culture differs from yours in which case you need to greet the person in the manner that is customary to them, like bowing instead of shaking hands.
  • Don’t be late – arriving on time for meetings is of vital importance as some see tardiness as a sign of being disrespectful. Being late indicates how disorganised you are not how busy you are.
  • Communicating in a clear and concise manner – when speaking to others, get the message across audibly, politely and without going off track.

At Professional Impressions we will ensure that you are provided with  the skills and know-how to conduct yourself professionally, confidently and appropriately in the business world at all times. Our key focus is on ensuring that you have the opportunity to lead a successful career, regardless of the industry that you are involved in.

If you and your team are looking for ways in which to learn more about and capitalise on corporate etiquette in the business place, then you have come to just the right place. Take the time to chat with us about our various packages at Professional Impressions and we will ensure that you are presented with options and solutions that are specifically suited to your needs and requirements.

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