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Discover your dress Style Personality. Be honest with yourself and let your true personality answer every question.

Select the answers that best describe you.

1. The type of clothes I prefer for work are:
A. separates that mix and match. Comfort is key.
B. softly tailored garments, delicate pieces, pretty blouses.
C. tailored suits, garments.
D. the latest fashion trend that suits me.

2. On casual work days you are most comfortable in
A. a tracksuit.
B. flowing dresses, skirts.
C. a white button-down shirt and jeans.
D. trendy top with skinny jeans.

3. When choosing a print it is usually:
A. plain or a small pattern
B. soft florals, polka dots.
C. pinstripe, paisley.
D. fashionable prints, latest colours. Designer name prints.

4. I shop or would like to shop at:
A. Woolies casual section
B. Forever New
C. Jenny Button, Queenspark
D. Trendy boutique, Zara, Designer Emporium

5. Which would be your dream car?
A. 4 x 4
B. White Rolls–Royce with chauffeur
C. Mercedes, BMW.
D. Porsche,latest convertible

6. What would be your dream holiday?
A. white water rafting, hiking, camping
B. Paris in spring time
C. tour of the chateaus in the South of France
D. shopping in NY, Paris, London

7. When not working, you feel most like yourself
A. in the bush, at a picnic.
B. attending a tea party at the Westcliff.
C. at home hosting a dinner party.
D. latest trendy spot.

8. Your accessory of choice is
A. a simple watch.
B. love accessories, bangles, earrings, rings-wear everyday.
C. a strand or 2 of pearls.
D. the new “it” bag & shoes.

9. The perfect everyday work shoe for you would be:
A. flats.
B. a peep toe with detail
C. a comfortable court shoe
D. statement stilettos.

10. You tend to wear
A. neutral, earthy colours.
B. mostly pastel colours.
C. black, grey, navy.
D. latest fashion colours

11. Your make-up and hairstyle:
A. Wash and wear hairstyle, minimal make-up
B. Soft and feminine
C. Neat hairstyle, subtle understated make-up
D. Experiment with make-up & hairstyle regularly

Evaluating your style quiz answers

Now that you’ve taken our style quiz, find out who you are and how to define your look. Add up your number of A’s, B’s, C’s, D’s and enter them in the blocks below:

Mostly A’s: The Natural
You dress for comfort – you possess no tailored suits or jackets. Your color palette includes earth tones, white, the colours of nature. You possess none or very few prints. You like uncomplicated clothes- you refuse to spend more than 15 minutes in putting yourself together.

Warning: you could be seen as too casual and not serious enough about your job. Remember to dress for the position you aspire to be in not the one you are currently in. Your overly “plain” style may leave you to be unnoticed.
Tip: Introduce some darker neutrals as anchor garments in stiffer fabrics and more tailored lines.

Mostly B’s: The Romantic
You are a true romantic and always look feminine and pretty.
You love wearing loose-flowing, romantic tops, skirts, and dresses. Ruffles, lace, chiffon, pleats, floral prints are all wardrobe staples.

Warning: you could be seen as too “girly” and not taken serious enough specially in a dominant male environment.
Tip: Don’t put all the elements together e.g. ruffles, sheer fabric, pleated skirt, pastels. Use on or two of these and anchor with a tailored, darker neutral garment.

Mostly C’s: The Classic
You have an easy way about dressing and are always put together and chic. You stick very close to the basics. Fashion does not dictate your wardrobe – you believe in classic pieces.
You value quality more than quantity and style more than fashion. Yours is an understated look. You appear elegant and chic at all times. You prefer plains rather than prints, dark neutrals rather than colour.

Warning: you could appear boring and outdated
Tip: introduce some new colours and prints into your wardrobe so you appear more current.

Mostly D’s: The Fashionista
You’re the ultimate fashionista! You love to dress up. You buy all the latest fashion magazines and always know what are the latest fashion trends and colour.

Warning: you could appear too trendy and over the top in a tradionally corporate environment.
Tip: Use the trendy print, colour in edited versions iow not from head to toe. Anchor outfit with a classic piece e.g. tailored jacket or pants in a dark neutral.

Help! I scored in various categories similarly
You suffer from multiple personality style dress disorder. You don’t want to have too many styles going on at the same time. Work on defining a personal style that reflects your personal brand and personality. For inspiration see what décor you like in your house is it Natural? Feminine? Classic? Or very Trendy?

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