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The Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Image and Etiquette Consultant

Is your staff currently projecting the best impression on your internal and external clients?
– Is the company’s brand reputation being damaged due to the lack of professionalism and bad image displayed by employees?
– Could your company be losing customers and potential clients to your competition as a result of the staff’s poor corporate image or etiquette?

The services of hiring an image consultant are no longer specifically aimed at sports stars, celebrities or large corporation executives. Instead, the benefits of hiring a corporate image consultant are now available to everyone who wants to excel in their line of work and command executive presence.

Many people mistakenly believe that image consultants simply teach you how to dress the part – that was a while ago. A professional and experienced consultant will help develop each team member’s  personal brand, align to work and company goals and branding and also provide powerful tools and guidelines how to behave  in such a manner that is appropriate to every  situation. By building on your presence, self-confidence and approach you can improve on your credibility as well as secure business deals, develop a uniform business brand, and gain access to new business and career opportunities that you might have otherwise missed.

At Professional Impressions our key focus is to provide you and your staff with powerful skills related to personal branding, corporate image, etiquette, communication and professionalism in the workplace.

This is what we can do for your team/staff:

  • Provide valuable skills whilst entertaining them.  We call it INFOTAINMENT.
  • Offer a consistent and focused approach in the total brand message  portrayed.
  • Develop a powerful personal brand aligned to the organization/company brand.
  • Increase executive  presence and credibility.
  • Convey a total brand message with confidence and impact.
  • Build increased confidence and self-esteem.
  • Assist in creating new opportunities in career and personal paths.
  • Make the impressions projected powerful and influential.
  • Find workable solutions for day-to-day interactions.
  • Demonstrate world class professionalism.
  • Create professional standards that represent what your staff and your company stand for.
  • Discover correct, focused solutions to suit your needs.
  • Provide you with cost effective and time efficient packages.

“Thank you for your excellent session with our team and for taking so much trouble to tailor the content to align with our focus areas. The feedback from our staff was excellent – we all found it informative and useful.  We all hold our personal brand far more dearly than before.” Karen Cilliers – Head of Client Business RMB-FICC Operations

Our team of experts  will create a tailor made solution to solve you/ and your staff’s corporate image, etiquette and personal brand challenges.

We will ensure that existing and potential clients are:

  • dazzled by the way the staff represents their personal and company brand;

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