8 secrets to dressing more professionally – Corporate Image

When dressing for work you should aim to project a professional, competent image, regardless of your position or industry. At the same time you should display an authentic personal style. At first glance, your clothing choices speak volumes about your professionalism. If looking to climb the ladder, you should be concerned with looking professional rather than just fashionable. Here are some top tips to do just this

1. What dress code and clothing styles does the highest-level manager in your company wear?
Imitate these, whilst adding your own personal style.

2. You might love label clothing but walking around with a Daniel Hechter or Jenny Button label stitched on your jacket sleeve says “tacky” and screams : “Look I can afford a designer label!”

3. Fit is everything. Ensure your pants, sleeve, skirt and tie length is correct. Don’t look like you borrowed someone else’s clothes. If you are unsure, pop into an alterations shop and ask. Alternatively book us – we’ll tell you!

4. Read your company dress code policy – know what is deemed as appropriate and not.

5. Select key pieces in dark, neutral colours. A charcoal suit looks more polished and professional than a white suit.

6. Make use of your most complimentary accent colours and prints to “trend” up
your look.

7. Pay attention to detail: manicured nails, ladder-free pantihose, scuff-free shoes, clean hair.

8. For the 3 investment must – haves click here

To look professional you don’t need expensive clothes. Simple additions like an appropriate fitted suit, a pocket handkerchief, crisp white shirt, great fragrance, a stylish watch or handbag can finish off a look in style and give you a professional look.

Career Destroyers

These looks and items can do your professional image permanent damage:

  • Too sexy:  see-through clothing, plunging necklines, visible panty lines, miniskirts,  spaghetti straps, dangerously high-heeled shoes.
  • Too casual: faded, torn jeans; shorts; T-shirts; hats; slops; sneakers.
  • Too sloppy: wrinkled clothing, too many layers, baggy-fit clothing.
  • Too creative: screaming loud combinations of colours and prints.
  • Too dramatic: loud jewellery (chandelier earrings, stacks of bangles, too many rings),  visible tattoos and piercings.
  • Too funny:  inappropriate slogans on t-shirts, cartoon ties and socks. 

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