Sensational Summer Style Guide – Corporate Image

It’s time to do a wardrobe re-vamp and freshen up your look for the new season. You might ask “Why do I need to follow the trends?” You should follow the trends in order to look fresh, relevant and current otherwise you can get stuck in a rut. At all times still remain authentic to your personal style. If you don’t know what this is take this simple quizz. Here is a guide on how to interpret the summer trends in an office environment.

Monochrome: this black & white combo is all the rage now but always stays an elegant classic – you will look current and chic! A must have.

Print Revolution:
digital, bright animal (snakeskin) prints; bold florals; tropical – paradise prints; oriental designs. Don’t do from head to toe. Anchor with a neutral colour skirt, pants. Select prints on white backgrounds for a fresh feel.

Minimalist: tailored crisp neutral garments head to toe. Update your white blouse each season.

Super Stripes: big, bold colourful or black and white stripes are a hit this season. Ensure you place horizontal stripes over the narrowest part of your body – not the widest. Remember, the wider the stripe-the wider you will look. Diagonal stripes have the most slimming effect.

Romance: embrace femininity- soften your wardrobe with lace, sheer fabrics, ruffles. Team up with a tailored garment to add credibility to the look. On how to look sophisticated and not SEXY when wearing sheer garments at work ensure follow these tips. 

Colour Confidence: It’s time to add some great colour somewhere in your outfits! In the corporate environment always remember to anchor bold colours with a darker neutral. For 6 more colours for this Summer click here


Crisp white bag, statement necklaces, metallic belts, transparent clutch, shoes, glasses.

Work doesn’t stop in the Summer months – why should your professional image?

Summer Caution: – stay away from this unless in a casual work environment.
The shorts suit; Top to toe white; Print on print; pyjama-looking bold, bright coloured pants; Two toned shoes, bags, if you’re on a small budget – they are limiting when it comes to mixing and matching; Maxi dresses, maxi skirts – too casual for everyday; Tight clingy fabrics showing up every lump and bump; Flat form shoes – these are not work appropriate but very on trend; Nail art, bright coloured nails.

 And for the men

Suits: the cut is slim fit, even ultra slim (for the younger). Double vents, 2 button jackets, pants with no pleats. Cobalt blue, powder blue, silver greys are popular suit colours this season.

Blazers: in a hopsack twill weave giving a surface that is lightly pebbled or ribbed.

Shirts: slim fit, double or single cuff, cut-away collars. Self-striped, pinhead, herringbone prints. Pinks, powder blues, lilacs. Monochrome shirt & tie combinations

Pants: narrow waistbands, worn low, no pleats, narrow bottom

Ties: slim but no slimmer than 7.5 cm’s for work. The latest are ties that are finished with a special water repellent treatment that makes it perfect for the frequent traveller.

So, you see, a whole new wardrobe might be nice, but it’s not necessary. Think fun color, light and lively pieces. Sprinkle them liberally into your outfits and you will be on your way.

Enjoy a Sensational Stylish Summer!

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