Speaking in Colour: What Messages Are You Telegraphing? – Corporate Image

Colour has a profound influence not only on how attractive you look but also how you feel. Scientists have found that colours can influence our moods, temperature levels and hormones. 

Politicians & celebrities understand the power of the colour of the clothing they wear to impact on their audience. Let’s see what messages you could be telegraphing those around you with the colours that you wear…

The Meaning of Colours…

RED is an emotionally intense color that is impossible to ignore (not for the introverts). It stimulates your heartbeat & increases breathing. It indicates passion, assertiveness, power & success. Warning: ladies-depending on the garment and fabric it can make you appear flirtatious. Be careful when wearing red head-to-toe it could cause aggression in others. If you are on a diet…red stimulates the appetite!

YELLOW is an optimistic, high energy & cheerful colour. It’s also associated with innovation, intelligence & inspiration. Wearing yellow imparts a sense of optimism and hope. It is a good colour to wear when feeling tired as it may energise you. Wear it if you need to concentrate(attending a course or workshop). Go yellow when you need to study or be creative as it’s a stimulating colour. Warning: wear in small quantities as it can be a difficult colour on the eye and overpower the wearer.

GREEN is a calming & refreshing colour so wear it when you’re tense and need to relax. It can denote you as a kind, helpful and caring person. It also represents wealth & stability.

PINK is associated with gentleness, nurturing, happiness & femininity. It’s a “friendly” colour which discourages aggression. Pink helps relax the muscles – also helps release mental tension. Warning: ladies-when working in a male dominated environment wear in small quantities in order not to be seen as too “girlie”-anchor it down with a strong neutral e.g. black or charcoal. Men-it’s perfectly acceptable to wear light pink shirts or ties with a pink stripe/print as long as its paired with a dark suit or pants.

PURPLE expresses wisdom, respect & nobility (denotes royalty through the ages). It also represents luxury, wealth & sophistication. It is a stimulating colour and can boost energy levels and decision-making.

Setting a Mood with colour

Depending on the impression you wish to create here are some colour combinations:

Youthful, Fun & Lively – light to medium colours with a darker colour for contrast.
e.g. light yellow with chocolate brown.

Authoritative & Powerful – dark colours combined with a high contrast colour e.g. red and black.

Sophisticated & Elegant – wear rich velvety colours and a small hint of a light colour
e.g. burgandy and white or gold.

In the words of Cindy Lauper:
“Don’t be afraid to let them show your True Colors shining through”

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