If The Jacket Fits, Wear It – Corporate Image

Your jacket fit and choice is crucial to display the correct corporate image message. Your jacket also acts  as the foreground of an outfit. Having a suit jacket that fits flawlessly can make you look professional and well-dressed. How should your suit jacket fit?
Most people I come across are wearing ill- fitting jackets so I have put together a few simple tips to ensuring that your jacket fits perfectly.
1. The Collar
Your collar should surround your neck smoothly with no wrinkling or bunching.
Men: Your jacket collar should go up about halfway up your shirt collar – showing some, but not all, of your shirt collar.
2. The Shoulder
Like a shirt, the shoulder seam of your jacket should meet with the natural edge of your shoulder.  The shoulder should be smooth and never have an indent below the seam (known as a divot) when standing with your arms at the sides.
3. The Torso
Your jacket should be able to be worn open or closed. If it is pulling at the button when fastened (signified by the fabric forming an X shape)-it’s too tight. Your jacket should follow the lines of your figure closely.
4. The Hug Test
If your jacket feels like it will tear if you were to hug someone, it’s too tight. If there is excess fabric across the chest/bust area it’s too loose.
5. The Sleeves
When standing straight with your arms at your sides, your sleeves should reach your wrist bones. Make sure your sleeves do not cover your hands. Men: 1cm of shirt sleeve should be visible.
The sleeve should run close to your arm for a slim, sleek look. A wide sleeve can look bunchy, and make the jacket look boxy
6. The Length (applies to a standard length jacket).
The jacket should completely cover your butt. It should end between your thumb’s knuckle and your thumb’s base.
The back length measurement should be equivalent to half the length from (a) the bottom of the back of your shirt collar, down to (b) the bottom of your foot.
Women: Avoid jacket hems that end at your widest point. E.g. If you want to minimize large hips, find a jacket that falls just below or just above your hips instead of right on the area.
Ensure at all time that the jacket you select portrays the correct corporate image message you wish to send out.
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