When Is Casual Too Casual – Corporate Image

Does casual Fridays mean party on the bottom & business on top? Not quite…
Every company varies in their Casual Dress Code policy- the main point to remember when getting dressed for Casual Friday is that you are an ambassador for your company and what it represents. The dress code for Casual Friday is actually called Casual Smart. “So…” you may be asking “what do I wear?…”

Casual Clothing Cues

When you look at yourself in the mirror your outfit should say 70% casual, 30% smart.

Colours are brighter & lighter; prints are bolder; fabrics are coarser & more textured (e.g. denim , khaki); the tailoring of clothes less structured. There is a lot more mixing & matching. More detail on garments such as zips, stitching, pockets slits and pleats. Bolder costume jewellery and lower heeled shoes can be worn.

Should you be seeing clients on a Casual Friday rather opt to dress smarter as you would on a normal work day.

Women: Some options to wear on a Casual Friday: •Smart 3/4 pants paired with a colourful print blouse; crisp collared shirt or wrap shirt with jeans; print dress.

Men: Some options to wear on a Casual Friday: •Golf shirt worn with denims; Soft – collared shirt paired with khaki’s.


•Always keep a smart-looking jacket, a knitted vest (men) or a cardigan (women) with you in case you need to dress up your outfit at a moment’s notice.

•Should jeans be allowed-choose a dark indigo or black jean in a classic cut. No stonewash, faded, ripped.

Casual Caution

These are general cautionary guidelines to ensure you don’t tarnish your personal and company brand.

Women: •Cling-wrap type clothing – dressing one or two sizes too small  •Revealing clothing items (short skirts, plunging necklines,low rise pants) •Sheer, see-through fabrics •Shoe string, strappy tops or dresses •Cropped, tank tops •Leggings or shorts •Gym wear: tracksuits, sweat pants  •Too many colours/prints worn in one outfit •Accessories that are too large, too noisy, too plastic

Men:•Over the top floral, dramatic shirts •T-shirts with slogans, cartoons •Too long, too oversized untucked shirts •Skinny or tight trousers •Bermudas or shorts •Oversized belt buckles •Cartoon ties or socks

Both: •Faded,very skinny, overstressed jeans •No creases, stains, chipped buttons or loose threads •Sloppy, oversized baggy clothes •Sneakers.


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