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Webber Wentzel ran a make-over competition for their PA’s. Marie Vorster had the winning entry “One is never too old to learn..after all it’s the feathers that make the bird & it will so nice to hear the wolf’s whistles directed at me for a change”

Make overs
Make overs
Make overs

See below some of the spectacular Make-overs done by Professional Impressions that appeared in Longevity Magazine:

Jabu Dazela: Investec

Make overs Make overs

Tracy Dudley:


Make overs Make overs

Seresha Moodley: Rand Merchant Bank

Make overs Make overs

Gallagher Estate Winners:

Expian hosted their annual conference at Gallagher

Estate and they treated 500 Credit controllers to a full day conference . 3 lucky winners from the audience won a quick one hour make-over. Haydee and her team really did a magnificent job, the winners were absolutely thrilled with the final outcome. See below.


Phumi before and after

Make overs Make overs

Naba Before and After.

Make overs Make overs

Glyniss Before and After.


Matsiliso is currently working at EXXARO but is wanting to move up the corporate ladder. We provided her with an instant elegant look that will assure she has the opportunity to fast-track her forward.

Make overs Make overs befaftfull

Matsiliso before and after


Is currently being groomed for a high profile position. She will be attending diplomatic functions and will be involved in much foreign travel. She would like to be more fashionable and stylish. Our first stage was to work on hair and make up-what do you think?

Make overs Make overs

Victoria Clark

Victoria needed to find a new look better suited to meet with clients face to face and for the high profile culture of the investment bank she works for.

She felt she had no fashion sense and that she always went with the safest option. She did not know what colours best suited her. Victoria wanted a better idea on how to dress that complimented her. She was ecstatic about her new transformation and we believed we accomplished her goals-don’t you think so too?

Make overs Make overs
 Make overs victoria before  Make overs victoria after

Gabbi Jones

She felt stuck in a rut-fetching kids to and from work. She had a cupboard full of jeans and 1 favourite colour tops. That soon changed, once we went shopping-she could not believe what we chose for her at first but once she saw how great she looked-she was conviced she would never go back to her mummy jeans!

Make overs gab before  Make overs OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Make overs  Make overs  Make overs OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Temwani Simwaka

Temwani is the Financial Manager of Standard Bank in Malawi. We conducted a full day course on branding and etiquette. The next day she underwent a full make –over. Temwani needed to display for confidence and self-esteem through her image. She was concerned that she never knew what to wear when, was unaware of what colour combinations suited her. Her look she felt was more showing a “mother”role than the high profile executive that she is. Wow-how that changed-look at her now.

 Make overs photo6 Make overs OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
 Make overs photo1  Make overs OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Eve Banda-Msidi

Moving form the corporate HR profession to running her own media company was no easy feat. She travels extensively and lives in Tanzania-where she battles to get great clothing. She feels her body shape is not suited to most clothing and makes her choices limited. She has to evolve from more corporate type clothes to trendier, funkier items to depict the creative industry she is now in. She wanted a complet change of image representing her age and her new career move. Eve can now pose for the front cover of her new magazine-you go girl!

 Make overs cimg50912 eve 2

Carina Williams

Works in a creche in the morning-looks after her kids and family in the afternoon. She dresses for comfort and practicality. Carina tells us that she tends to dress too old fashioned-she does not like to take risks and chooses comfort over fashion. She wishes to dress more her age, feel more self-assured and present herself with more confidence. After hermake-over she felt elated and bursting with self-confidence.

 Make overs carina before Make overs