See us in the Media

See us in the Media

Do first impressions really matter

See us in the Media. We are judged within the first 3 seconds of meeting someone. Find out why you never get a second chance to make a good impression.

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See us in the Media  Business-Etiquette

What can we do for you?

Managing your corporate image, etiquette is the quickest way to gain competitive advantage. We provide you with powerful skills on personal branding, corporate image, etiquette & professionalism.

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See us in the Media  Personal-Branding

Why clients use Professional Impressions

Discover why our clients use us time again to deliver personal branding, corporate image and etiquette programmes

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See us in the Media corporateimage

Why is personal branding and corporate image crucial?

Find out why developing your own powerful personal brand and corporate image is crucial in today’s workplace.

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See us in the Media etiquette-tips

Open plan etiquette tips

Display great business etiquette. Watch these tips to avoid any open plan office no-no’s

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See us in the Media - Reasons-to-choose-Professional-Impressions

Reasons to choose Professional Impressions

Discover what we can do for your company and staff

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See us in the Media - What-does-your-online-brand-say-about-you

What does your online brand say about you?

Secrets of personal branding – view your online branding and presence, are you making a remarkable impression with your online brand?

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See us in the Media whois

Who is Haydee Antezana?

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