Are you in desperate need of re-inventing yourself? If you need a confidence and personal style boost, are starting a new career or life path, require wardrobe surgery or simply want to feel good about yourself again, book one of these consultations now. Have a look at previous make over’s here.

Personalised Image Consultations(click here for more info)

Discover how to project your authentic image in a consistent and confident manner. Our style, colour, wardrobe consultation will change the way you look at yourself and clothes forever. It will make your daily visit to your wardrobe one filled with inspiration instead of frustration.

Shop Smart Services

We will take you shopping in order to avoid costly fashion mistakes and make informed decisions suited for your style. This will eliminate the guesswork and will make clothing shopping quicker and less stressful from now on.

Naturally Made up

Our make–up artists will lead you through simple steps to create different looks in minutes, by simply knowing your face shape, focal points and enhancing your natural features.

Health & Wellness
Ronald Abvajee encourages you to aim towards pro-active healthy living with the following talks:

  • Healthy Human capital=Healthy Bottom Line.
  • Re-inventing your body
  • A healthy body = a healthy life

In a fast-paced world with exhausting demands on our time and performance, Celynn Erasmus presents hands-on, real advice to help you live better, smarter and to get the most out of every day.

Her presentation “Do More…with Less” will provide you with easy-to-implement tips and techniques on how to gain an extra two more productive hours in your day. Her message is not just about food but about balance, achieving more energy and better health.

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A Make over by Professional Impressions