10 Ways To Look Great In Photos – Corporate Image

How many times have you said …I’m not photogenic – don’t take a pic. Or looked at yourself in a photo and said oh no I look dreadful! Fed up of being tagged looking terrible? Here are some great tips to ensure you look great in every shot:

1. Do your homework. Look at favorite pictures of yourself as well as not so good ones …what are you doing that’s working and not working– the angle of your face, the type of smile? Copy the great photos poses, gestures and avoid what’s been done in the bad ones.

2. To brighten your face pick a light-colored backdrop if you can.

3. Banish the double chin. This might feel strange but try it. Elongate your neck and push your face forward slightly. IOW stick out your forehead and tip your chin down.



4. Look away from the lens. Focus your eyes slightly above the camera lens. Looking directly at the lens causes light to flash off the retina, leading to the red eye effect. Looking slightly away from the camera will reduce the risk of those mid-blink shots.

5. Master the perfect smile. Many of the red carpet stars use this trick too avoid a huge, fake grin. Put the tip of your tongue behind your top teeth when you smile. If you are uncomfortable with showing a smile – you can smile with your eyes “smeyes”! Think about something that makes you happy for a more natural smile.


6. To avoid blinking. I blink in photos all the time – so now I close my eyes just before the picture is taken and open them slowly before the camera clicks. This really works.

7. If you’re nervous joke around with the person taking the picture – make them and yourself laugh or whisper something “naughty” in someone’s ear next to you – the spontaneity of the moment will make for a great photo. Think of a funny memory…avoid saying cheese. There’s nothing nicer than a non posed, natural photo.



8. Avoid “red eye” shots. Look toward a light just before someone takes your photo, this shrinks your pupils and avoids red eye.

9. Pose like a celebrity. Never look at a camera straight on. Rather turn your body and head to a ¾ position, place hands on hips, angle your body to the side with one foot in front of the other, one shoulder closer to the camera. Keep your back straight, shoulders back and your stomach in. This will make you look slimmer.



10. Avoid big patterns on clothing and bright lipstick.


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