13 Secrets to make an impressive entrance-corporate image

If walking into a room full of unfamiliar people scares you, you have good reason! You only have between 5-7 seconds to make a good first impression and display a professional corporate image. Ever noticed how some people just walk into a room and suddenly fill it with their presence? Their secret? They know how to make an entrance and understand the silent language of first impressions. Making an unforgettable impression as you walk into a room is a powerful weapon in your arsenal, one that gives you an edge, imperceptibly shaping the way that others perceive you.

Secrets to making an impressive entrance

1. Do your homework – know what the dress code is. You don’t want to be dressed in formal attire when everyone else is wearing casual smart.
2. Be on time – being fashionably late has no place in today’s hectic business world. Being late means you do not value other people’s time. You are also likely to make a rushed entrance, which will give others an impression that you are flustered and not in control.
3. Before walking in, put away your mobile, sunglasses, car keys and whatever else you are carrying so you look polished and composed.
4. To manage any nervousness, stop for a moment before you walk in, take a deep breath and visualize making the perfect entrance.
5. Display confident body language. Check your posture – stand up straight, head up, shoulders back. It will help you feel confident and make a lasting impression.
6. Leave your self-consciousness at the door before stepping in.

7.  Walk in with a pleasant smile, relax your body and your facial muscles, and make casual eye contact. To display confident body language click here.
8. Don’t stop or hesitate as you walk through the door. Walk at a casual, steady pace to the centre of the room, as if you know someone. Don’t stand in the door scanning the room for someone you know.
9.  Should you not know anyone – find the PR person/ host of event and ask them to introduce you to someone.
10. Master the art of small talk – click here for valuable tips to do this
11. Don’t head straight to bar or buffet table.
12. Show confidence, even if you have to fake it. If you are uncertain of the protocol at the meeting or function, watch what other people are doing (“mirroring”) and follow suit.


13. Practice makes perfect

Sound like a tall order? The good news is that as you implement these tips, you will see immediate results, which will boost your confidence and make it easier to make an entrance next time.

Practice at home until the right posture and relaxed, warm smile are second nature. Plan your time well so you will never have to make a rushed entrance. Each time you make a successful entrance you will get one step closer to becoming one of those people who command presence when they walk into a room.

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