4 Ways To Reach Your Goals This Year – Motivational Speaker

How to Overcome What’s Holding You Back

By Michael Hyatt

According to research from the University of Scranton, nearly 4 out of 10 people quit their resolutions before reaching the month of February. Even more will fall off after that. But what about you?

What’s Stopping You? The Resistance

Life happens. Given all our personal and professional demands, it’s no wonder we get distracted, feel overwhelmed, or find ourselves wrestling along the way with doubt, discouragement, even fear.

We encounter the resistance any time we try doing something important. It could be improving our health, writing a book, reaching a financial milestone, getting our inbox to zero. But there are tactics we can employ to beat the resistance and accomplish the things that matter most to us.

4 Ways to Beat the Resistance

Here are four ways that are perfectly timed for this transitional period when so many of us contemplate giving up on our goals.

1.Stay connected to your why. When we hit the wall, when you feel the resistance, the answer is to remember why you wanted to go over it to begin with. If your goal is about losing 15 kgs by the middle of the year, remember what that will mean for your energy and long-term health.We have to imagine our desired outcomes and stay emotionally connected to them.

2.Keep your negative emotions at arm’s length. Fear, doubt, disappointment, feeling overwhelmed—we may experience these emotions, but we don’t have to let them dictate our actions. We can notice them for what they are, and then just keep moving forward.

3. Find someone who’s already done it. Since the resistance we feel is internal, many obstacles we face to our goals are just in our heads. Tactically, what that means is that we should find people who’ve done what we want to do or can show us how. If we can see the road, we can walk it.

4. Get the help you need. I don’t know why we make this one so hard. A goal represents new ground, new territory. That means you won’t know how to traverse it. That reality is actually essential to establish compelling goals. Once you have a reason, the resources will start to materialize.
But sometimes we feel like we have to go it alone. Why?

Resources are more than time, talent, and money. Information, experience, and training are also important. And you can buy those—at least indirectly.

Why fly solo when the right copilot can get us to our destination?
Millions of us start the year with high hopes, but lose altitude within weeks. We don’t have to join that number.
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