Abundant Joy – Motivational Speaker

If you are wishing to bring more joy into your life, here are some simple ideas on how to do this:



• Give or do something for the sheer joy of it, with no expectation of thanks or acknowledgement
• Clear out your cupboards, oh! the joy of actually finding things again. Donate your clothes to those less fortunate.
• Save on electricity–spend an entire evening reading, eating by candle light
• Phone someone you haven’t spoken to for a while and make their day
• Make a list of 10 hope inspiring items e.g. a drop in interest rates, the generosity of fellow South Africans. Next week add 10 more. If you keep your eye on the Good News around you, you will spend your life being joyful



• Express your gratitude to those that mean a lot to you in a letter, poem or picture
• Lie on a blanket in your back garden, on your veranda and look at all those stars, then wish on one
• Have a midnight picnic
• Do something silly e.g. dancing in the rain, having marshmallows for supper
• Give of your time – offer to baby–sit for a friend, offer a pensioner a lift to the mall to do her Christmas shopping, offer to wash your partners car, take your neighbours dog for a walk
• Give someone the gift of learning, membership to a club or course of lessons in anything from cake decorating to Latin dancing
• Bake or buy biscuits and distribute to the paper seller or beggars at the traffic lights
• Make some child’s, not your own, dream come true visit http://www.charitysa.co.za/database-of-organisations and select a charity of your choice
• Forget your yearly list of resolutions rather write an aspirations list
• Write down on slips of paper all your unfinished business from the past year, your mistakes, hurts and disappointments. Place them in a box then toss them in the bin where they belong. Start a–fresh with joy in your heart, a glint in your eye and a smile on your face


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