Beware the Silly Sales Season – Corporate Image

If you walk through any shopping mall right now – you will be bombarded by sales signs everywhere! Here are a few tips on how to recognise a good bargain and avoid the future dreaded question “What was I thinking of when I bought this?”

How to recognize a great fashion buy: 
• An item that is in your size and fits properly.
• Clothing that makes you feel alive and confident
• The colour of the garment is flattering for you
• Timeless pieces that will not date in colour or style.
• Clothes that fill real (not imagined) gaps in your wardrobe.

Disaster Buys:

• Fashion and styles that look “very last year” now.
• An item which is not your personal style e.g. a “romantic” blouse in a floral print with lace and ruffles when you are a “classic” dresser (prefers little or no print and structured clothing lines.)
• Ill-fitting garments – too small or too big
• Fabrics that don’t hang well – there’s usually a reason they are still sitting on the rack.

Apply the match 3 principle: 
Before buying any new clothing item, ask yourself…
• Does it match at least 3 other items in my wardrobe?
• Can I wear it for at least 3 occasions?
• Can I wear it over 3 seasons?
“The anticipation of getting a good deal is what drives us toward the cash register, not the object itself—and as a result, we end up with stuff we don’t particularly want”, says Ellen Shell, author of Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture.

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