Why do Corporate Image & Etiquette skills = SUCCESS?

In today’s fast paced low touch, high tech world, a powerful corporate image and business etiquette is more essential than ever before. But why, you may wonder… “You only get one chance at making a great first impression!”

The moment a stranger sees you their brain makes a thousand computations… Like, are you someone to approach or to avoid? Are you friend or foe? Do you have status and authority? Are you trustworthy, competent, likeable or confident? And these computations are made at lightning speed.

Researchers from NYU found that we make eleven major decisions about one another in the first seven seconds of meeting. Did you know others develop an impression of you within the first 7 seconds. Yes, it’s that fast and most of it is heavily influenced by non-verbal cues rather than verbal-cues. Seems hardly fair, but it’s true!

Many people spend a lot of money on their education and completely forget that in the first instance, they will not be judged by what they know, but how they present themselves.

Research conducted by Harvard University, showed that 86% of employers consider soft skills such as etiquette to be among their most important hiring criteria.

Did you know that technical skills and knowledge account for 15% of the reason you get a job, keep it, and advance in a job. The remaining 85% of your job success is connected to your people skills. Regardless of whether you’re communicating in cyberspace or taking someone out to lunch, it is important to make a positive impression, and in order to do so, we must consistently work on enhancing our corporate image, personal branding and etiquette skills.


1. Do you want to be more successful in your personal and professional life?

2. Would you like to develop a powerful personal brand that will help you get closer to your personal and professional goals?

If you answered yes, consider the benefits of the corporate image and etiquette training:
• Equips you/your staff to project the best impression on your internal and external clients
• Promotes professionalism at work
• Sets appropriate corporate image & etiquette guidelines whilst respecting cultural diversity.
• Provides you with the “edge” to be unique and stand out from the crowd.
Regardless of what you do or who you are, the Professional Impressions training will have a direct impact on your professional and career success. Our team of experts will create a tailor made solution to solve you/your staff’s corporate image, etiquette and personal brand challenges.

About Professional Impressions

Professional Impressions is a Corporate Image & Etiquette Training Consultancy. Founded in 1999, we have over 15 years of experience in the field of Impression Management, Personal Branding. Corporate Image and Etiquette Training, and have worked with the A-Z of national and international companies, as well as Miss South Africa.

At Professional Impressions our passion lies in assisting men and women to unlock their unlimited potential through managing the impression they create in the minds and eyes of others. Our key focus is to provide you with powerful skills related to personal branding, corporate image, etiquette and professionalism in business.

7 SECONDS that is all you /your staff have to make a memorable impression on your current and potential clients.

Contact us at Professional Impressions and we will tailor make a programme which will assist you/your staff to become “Packaged for Success”.

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