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I never liked Networking until…

I have a confession to make …I’ve never liked networking. Just thinking of going to an event and

First Impression Lessons from Trump & Clinton

If you were 1 of the 80 million people that tuned in to see Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face of

3 Reasons We Should Be Slow to Judge

By Michael Hyatt Avoiding a Bad Diagnosis Identifying what’s wrong with a situation—including th

The Art of Managing your Manager – Business Etiquette

Having a great relationship with your manager/supervisor is essential towards enhancing your career,

3 Slang words to avoid in your vocabulary

  To sound instantly smarter at work, avoid the use of “weed/slang” words such as: 1. Aweso

4 Conversations Dominating The Workplace

I recently came across a phenomenal workplace communication model, The 4 Workplace Conversations des

8 Phrases To Erase From Your Vocabulary

  Here is a list of redundant phrases I obtained from Mickie Kennedy (CEO of Erelease) you shou

12 Body Language Signals To Be Aware Of

Actions speak louder than words – what are you saying? One of the keys to command powerful pre

The 5 worst business handshakes – Business Etiquette

Your handshake is the business card you leave behind – people will always remember you by it. Ensu

Step Up Your Elevator Etiquette – Business Etiquette

More than 70% of people do not follow the correct elevator etiquette. Are your elevator manners up t

4 Reasons Why Business Etiquette is Essential

Do you practice good business etiquette? Have you ever lost a client and didn’t know why? Have you

Gift Etiquette Tips – Business Etiquette

Proper etiquette around office gift giving can be tricky. Here are some helpful office gift giving e

Corporate Etiquette – Business Etiquette

  The Importance of Corporate Etiquette in the Business World In order to understand the import

6 tips to be a great hostess – Business Etiquette

Entertaining is defined in the dictionary as to “show hospitality”. When entertaining or hosting

23 Must-Know Office Party Etiquette Tips

At all times remember the word office in office party. There is a level of professionalism still exp

18 tips to master the art of small talk-Business Etiquette

Do you just dread the networking event or company function coming up because it means you need to ma

Are you at a Career Crossroads? Business Etiquette

It is quite normal to have days when you dread going to work, days when you feel underpaid, unapprec

Discover the 8 Pillars of Trust-Business Etiquette

Trust can’t be built overnight. It requires time, effort, diligence, and character. Inspiring trus

10 tips to build work relationships – Business Etiquette

Building positive relationships and getting along with others is crucial for your career success. Ea

6 tips to bowl over a dream boss, as featured in Cosmo – Business Etiquette

People judge you within the first few seconds of meeting you. In the latest Cosmopolitan magazine I

8 etiquette tips for young workers – Business Etiquette

Young workers are known for their energy, enthusiasm, and willingness to learn, but many times their

5 tips to manage your online brand – Corporate Image

Your online brand reputation is made up of what people can find about you when they tap your name in

9 ways to display confident body language – Corporate Image

Body language can communicate our confidence or lack thereof.  This can affect the outcome of a bus

8 ways to build your confidence – Business Etiquette

Imagine what you could accomplish if you were confident in any situation? Confidence is something yo

12 steps to be a ‘small talk’ expert – Business Etiquette

Small talk acts as an icebreaker to “real” conversations. By learning the art of small “talk

7 tips to improve your listening skills – Business Etiquette

Did you know that 70% of what individuals hear is misunderstood or misinterpreted? The reason for t

Can I flirt with a colleague? Business Etiquette

The most acceptable office romances are between singles and only if handled respectfully and discree

8 Secrets To Office Professionalism – Business Etiquette

The appropriate business etiquette will assist you towards obtaining that raise, promotion, or just

10 Tips For Meeting Excellence – Business Etiquette

Many people think leading a meeting means reading out the agenda – if there is even one! Below are

8 Ways To Reignite The Passion For Your Job – Business Etiquette

Do you feel demotivated every morning at the thought of getting up and going to work? Remember a tim

The “Unwritten” Office Rules – Business Etiquette

There are many “unwritten” office rules. To make a great daily impression and build fantastic wo

11 Daily Habits To Boost Your Self Confidence – Business Etiquette

You step into the meeting feeling reasonably confident. Suddenly, you realise you might not be as pr

The 3 S’s of Open Office Etiquette – Business Etiquette

Office distractions fall under the following 3 S’s: 1.Sound •Keep your voice low when talking to


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