Helping Miss SA look her best! Corporate Image

In a fun interactive, personalised consultation, we took Miss SA 2014, Rolene Strauss,  through the secrets of making every wardrobe visit one of inspiration rather than frustration. She also answered some fun questions…

Who is your image, style icon?
As a little girl I was fascinated by princesses, and today Kate Middleton is my image and fashion icon. An image personality analysis revealed that Rolene’s dominant image personality style is “Elegant Feminine”. Interesting to note that the Duchess of Cambridge shares the same image personality style.

Colour plays a great role in how we look and feel about ourselves as well as how others perceive us. During Rolene’s colour analysis it was discovered that out of 12 colour categories, warm, clear and bright colours are the best shades to enhance her complexion and give her that special “glow”. Her best accent colours are emerald green, which intensifies her eyes, turquoise, nectarine, poppy red, lemon zest. She needs to avoid dusty, greyed tones as they instantly drain her skin colour.

If you had to describe your life using a colour what would it be?
Peach – it’s a colour that depicts fun, optimism, radiates warmth and happiness. Just how I feel my life is right now.

Her body shape analysis revealed she is a perfect hourglass, with long legs & arms. Her mum calls her “Daddy long legs” she says. Rolene’s challenge is trying to find pants & sleeves of jackets/tops that are long enough. A unique, personalised style booklet was designed for Rolene which outlines in detail what best suits her from necklines, collars, jackets, dresses, and even swimwear and shoes.

From your teeth to your toes, what is your favourite body part?
I’d say my eyes and feminine curves.

What is your least favourite body part?
I have a size 8 feet and sometimes struggle to get shoes.

What would you never leave the house without putting on?
My whole image changes from student-girl to lady the moment I put my high heels on and as Miss SA I would never leave the house without them.

What do you love to lounge around at home in?
It’s an outfit my grandma gave me – my cow-print onecie and my “pantoffels”


After doing her wardrobe analysis we identified she has loads of dresses but not enough blouses, tops. These are easier to create more mix ‘n match options – dresses tend to be more limiting. Also, there were too many black and white combinations and not enough of her ideal colours or prints.

Filling these gaps will help her discover new looks within her current wardrobe. Rolene’s biggest wardrobe challenge is being able to put together different looks as she does not have a lot of time to plan outfits.

To assist her with this we will be designing an electronic lookbook identifying all the items in her wardrobe with great mix ‘n match options – so at a moment’s notice Rolene can refer to this and not have to waste time in deciding what to wear.
I have worked with the Miss SA’s for the last 11 years and Rolene is truly one of my firm favourites.

She is the epitomy of inside – out beauty, authentic and graceful 24/7. Her natural beauty captivates you when you meet her but her warmness and genuine caring captures your soul.

Watch this space – Rolene Strauss is going to become South Africa’s next Charlize Theron!


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