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I never liked Networking until…

I have a confession to make …I’ve never liked networking. Just thinking of going to an event and

Quick Way to Stand Out In Business!

In this fast paced business world when we are competing to be noticed here is a quick way to make yo

1 Skill Warren Buffett Says Will Raise Your Value by 50%

Article By Carmine Gallo – Inc.com Imagine working on one skill in 2017 that–once you i

First Impression Lessons from Trump & Clinton

If you were 1 of the 80 million people that tuned in to see Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump face of

3 Reasons We Should Be Slow to Judge

By Michael Hyatt Avoiding a Bad Diagnosis Identifying what’s wrong with a situation—including th

4 bedtime habits of highly successful people

What are successful people doing right before bed? Do you want to know the secret? They set themselv

4 Ways To Reach Your Goals This Year – Motivational Speaker

How to Overcome What’s Holding You Back By Michael Hyatt According to research from the Univer

Learning Your Lines

Turn to the latest issue of Destiny magazine – page 36 to read my “story” and obtain essen

The Art of Managing your Manager – Business Etiquette

Having a great relationship with your manager/supervisor is essential towards enhancing your career,

13 Secrets to make an impressive entrance-corporate image

If walking into a room full of unfamiliar people scares you, you have good reason! You only have bet

Helping Miss SA look her best! Corporate Image

In a fun interactive, personalised consultation, we took Miss SA 2014, Rolene Strauss,  through the

A personalised consultation with Miss SA

The task of being Miss South Africa is not an easy one even for one as striking as Rolene Strauss. I

Men’s Shirt Collar Types – Corporate Image

Men have a gazillion of shirt collars to select from. They vary from spread; cutaway; button-down an

3 Slang words to avoid in your vocabulary

  To sound instantly smarter at work, avoid the use of “weed/slang” words such as: 1. Aweso

4 Conversations Dominating The Workplace

I recently came across a phenomenal workplace communication model, The 4 Workplace Conversations des

8 Phrases To Erase From Your Vocabulary

  Here is a list of redundant phrases I obtained from Mickie Kennedy (CEO of Erelease) you shou

10 Ways To Look Great In Photos – Corporate Image

How many times have you said …I’m not photogenic – don’t take a pic. Or looked at yourself i

12 Body Language Signals To Be Aware Of

Actions speak louder than words – what are you saying? One of the keys to command powerful pre

11 ways to look smarter at work – Corporate Image

So you consider yourself an intelligent member of your team…is this showing in what you wear? Reme

The 5 worst business handshakes – Business Etiquette

Your handshake is the business card you leave behind – people will always remember you by it. Ensu

11 ways to look slimmer in minutes – Corporate Image

Fashionistas – men or women come in all shape and size diversity. There are many tricks to looking

Putting your best shoe forward! Corporate Image

Forget diamonds, shoes are a girl’s best friend! Guys we know you like them too (there’s a secti

Beware the Silly Sales Season – Corporate Image

If you walk through any shopping mall right now – you will be bombarded by sales signs everywh

Why do Corporate Image & Etiquette skills = SUCCESS?

In today’s fast paced low touch, high tech world, a powerful corporate image and business etiquett

Step Up Your Elevator Etiquette – Business Etiquette

More than 70% of people do not follow the correct elevator etiquette. Are your elevator manners up t

Abundant Joy – Motivational Speaker

If you are wishing to bring more joy into your life, here are some simple ideas on how to do this:

Stop Wishing Your Life Away & Start Living! Motivational Speaker

On average we spend about 65% of our adult life at work. That’s a lot of time to spend doing somet

4 Reasons Why Business Etiquette is Essential

Do you practice good business etiquette? Have you ever lost a client and didn’t know why? Have you

Gift Etiquette Tips – Business Etiquette

Proper etiquette around office gift giving can be tricky. Here are some helpful office gift giving e

4 Ways To Showcase Your Sizzle After Work – Corporate Image

You have a few minutes to transform yourself from work professional to glamour goddess. Here are 4 w

Corporate Etiquette – Business Etiquette

  The Importance of Corporate Etiquette in the Business World In order to understand the import

If The Jacket Fits, Wear It – Corporate Image

Your jacket fit and choice is crucial to display the correct corporate image message. Your jacket al

What should I wear to the party?

For those panic-stricken occasions when you read an invitation and think… “What should I wea

6 tips to be a great hostess – Business Etiquette

Entertaining is defined in the dictionary as to “show hospitality”. When entertaining or hosting

23 Must-Know Office Party Etiquette Tips

At all times remember the word office in office party. There is a level of professionalism still exp

18 tips to master the art of small talk-Business Etiquette

Do you just dread the networking event or company function coming up because it means you need to ma

Bag Habits: Make the right bag choice – Corporate Image

When shopping for a new handbag you need to consider several criteria. Not every handbag is ideal fo

Image Consultants: The Benefits – Corporate Image

    The Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Image and Etiquette Consultant – Is your staf

Sensational Summer Style Guide – Corporate Image

It’s time to do a wardrobe re-vamp and freshen up your look for the new season. You might ask R

Are you at a Career Crossroads? Business Etiquette

It is quite normal to have days when you dread going to work, days when you feel underpaid, unapprec


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