Personal Branding/Image Tips

Quick Way to Stand Out In Business!

In this fast paced business world when we are competing to be noticed here is a quick way to make yo

Learning Your Lines

Turn to the latest issue of Destiny magazine – page 36 to read my “story” and obtain essen

13 Secrets to make an impressive entrance-corporate image

If walking into a room full of unfamiliar people scares you, you have good reason! You only have bet

Helping Miss SA look her best! Corporate Image

In a fun interactive, personalised consultation, we took Miss SA 2014, Rolene Strauss,  through the

A personalised consultation with Miss SA

The task of being Miss South Africa is not an easy one even for one as striking as Rolene Strauss. I

Men’s Shirt Collar Types – Corporate Image

Men have a gazillion of shirt collars to select from. They vary from spread; cutaway; button-down an

10 Ways To Look Great In Photos – Corporate Image

How many times have you said …I’m not photogenic – don’t take a pic. Or looked at yourself i

11 ways to look smarter at work – Corporate Image

So you consider yourself an intelligent member of your team…is this showing in what you wear? Reme

11 ways to look slimmer in minutes – Corporate Image

Fashionistas – men or women come in all shape and size diversity. There are many tricks to looking

Putting your best shoe forward! Corporate Image

Forget diamonds, shoes are a girl’s best friend! Guys we know you like them too (there’s a secti

Beware the Silly Sales Season – Corporate Image

If you walk through any shopping mall right now – you will be bombarded by sales signs everywh

Why do Corporate Image & Etiquette skills = SUCCESS?

In today’s fast paced low touch, high tech world, a powerful corporate image and business etiquett

4 Ways To Showcase Your Sizzle After Work – Corporate Image

You have a few minutes to transform yourself from work professional to glamour goddess. Here are 4 w

If The Jacket Fits, Wear It – Corporate Image

Your jacket fit and choice is crucial to display the correct corporate image message. Your jacket al

What should I wear to the party?

For those panic-stricken occasions when you read an invitation and think… “What should I wea

Bag Habits: Make the right bag choice – Corporate Image

When shopping for a new handbag you need to consider several criteria. Not every handbag is ideal fo

Image Consultants: The Benefits – Corporate Image

    The Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Image and Etiquette Consultant – Is your staf

Sensational Summer Style Guide – Corporate Image

It’s time to do a wardrobe re-vamp and freshen up your look for the new season. You might ask R

Discover your dress style personality – Corporate Image

Discover your dress Style Personality. Be honest with yourself and let your true personality answer

Top 9 trendiest summer colours – Corporate Image

Every season designers and fashion houses release the top colours trending. This Summer there were m

9 qualities to command Personal Presence – Corporate Image

Have you been in a meeting where a person just stood out above the rest? Or they walk into a room an

8 essentials for a successful personal brand – Corporate Image

“Everyone has a Personal Brand but most people are not aware of this and do not manage this strate

9 ways to design brand YOU – Corporate Image

You are the CEO of your own company – YOU Incorporated. In today’s fast-paced, competitive and i

5 steps to interview dress success – Corporate Image

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” – Edith Head Whether you’r

10 tips to make a Lasting Impression – Corporate Image

Why do you wear a suit to a job interview? Why do lawyers make sure that their clients dress neatly

8 secrets to dressing more professionally – Corporate Image

When dressing for work you should aim to project a professional, competent image, regardless of your

Speaking in Colour: What Messages Are You Telegraphing? – Corporate Image

Colour has a profound influence not only on how attractive you look but also how you feel. Scientist

When Is Casual Too Casual – Corporate Image

Does casual Fridays mean party on the bottom & business on top? Not quite… Every company varie

Winter Wardrobe Warnings – Corporate Image

Despite the drop in temperature, there is no reason why your dress and image standards should plumme

Winter Wardrobe Winners – Corporate Image

Can you believe it’s time to bring out our Winter woollies again? A new season is the best tim

10 Tips To Make A Lasting Impression – Corporate Image

1.    Look the Part If you dress too formally you may alienate the person you are meeting with, i

The ME in my brand – Corporate Image

                      Define YOU, define YOUR

Summer Season Trends 2011/2012 – Corporate Image

From white on white to bold, beautiful stripes and the amazing combinations of colour blocking. Whic


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