3 Slang words to avoid in your vocabulary

May 22, 2014 in Etiquette Tips, Home


To sound instantly smarter at work, avoid the use of “weed/slang” words such as:

1. Awesome -Inventing a new cure for a disease is awesome because it’s awe inspiring. My Louis Vuitton bag is not AWESOME – elegant & beautiful yes.

2. Like – unless you want to sound 12 years old stop saying “It’s not, like, very professional of you. Your boss can, like, get mad and fire you.”

3. Abbreviations – “Love my new frenemie, Brenda, she’s totes adorbz! We had the most EPIC cappuccino at the canteen.”

Amazeballs, deets, YOLO, LOL, WUT!

What weed/slang words do you feel you need to delete from your vocabulary?


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