Does your staff display the correct etiquette during all business interactions? The appropriate business etiquette will accelerate their career opportunities and provide them with a 1-way ticket to success.

The appropriate business etiquette skills will provide your staff with the tools to “professionalise” themselves. Our business etiquette training covers:

  • why manners make a difference
  • office do’s and don’ts
  • unwritten office rules
  • handshakes- meanings
  • greetings & meetings
  • open plan office courtesies
  • gossiping in the workplace
  • smartphone manners
  • netiquette
  • business card etiquette
  • the fine art of small talk
  • networking
  • office cocktail functions/business lunches
  • mind over platter-demystifying utensils, dishes and glasses
  • food by food etiquette

Our business etiquette workshops will provide all the necessary business etiquette training your staff need to display the correct etiquette at all times.

This Business Etiquette training is conducted at your  company’s premises or selected venue.




 “Haydee was a phenomenal speaker and aligned her presentation to the values of our organisation. Her interactive session was very resourceful and informative. She has definitely left a memorable experience with our staff.”
Eshana Manichand, Business Executive: Transformation and Ethics –Auditor General

“It was a great pleasure working with you. Your flexibility to our needs was amazing. You have changed their daily lives of our professional staff.”  Babalwa Ngonyama – Partner Deloitte

 “The impact the training had on our team of consultants was dynamic with immediate effect! Watching our staff apply the tools and techniques that you shared with us in such a polished and proficient manner has been testament to a truly unique and invaluable experience.”  Kim Tomlinson – Executive –  IQ Group

 “The entire session has changed the way we conduct our business for the sake of those that we serve”  Thabo Rakoloti – Chief Director – National Department of Social Development

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