In today’s fast-paced world, telesales and call centre management have become an art form. A few years ago, a call centre would be described as a building bulging with phone banks staffed by call centre staff answering calls round the clock.

Today, call centres have transformed into “contact” centres. Thus, the staff require strong interpersonal skills, an ability to work quickly, and an understanding of typical problems. These courses will assist your call centre staff to make the customer’s experience an impressive and memorable one.

Telephone Skills
This training is aimed at improving the professionalism and efficiency of switchboard operators / call centre staff in their telephone communication. Conducted by Marija Ruygrok.

Your Vibrant Voice

Marija Ruygrok conducts one-on-one voice training for both first- and second-language English speakers. The focus is on improving confidence, clarity, pronunciation, voice projection and expression to ensure your vocal brand makes the best impression on those around you.

Communication Excellence

The key to success is the ability to communicate effectively. This workshop will assist you in planning your communication, identifying its purpose, constructing a message, structuring your ideas logically and speaking your client’s language.

REAL Motivation for Effective Service Delivery

It’s common to hear people complaining about appalling service from different organisations in South Africa. It is a fact that our general service standards are not up to scratch and something drastic ought to be done sooner than later. In this presentation Hector Motau gives REAL tips on how to improve service levels.

REAL Motivation for Teams

It is clear that the concept of team work has been with mankind from time immemorial given the idiomatic expressions referring to it in all languages. It seems, howevere, that people have lost sight of the value of teamwork, which is in fact, crucial for productivity and progress. Hector Motau’s mission is to restore teamwork in your organisation. He has conducted this presentation for various teams across a range of industries with outstanding results.

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