What to wear & say at the office party

What do I wear to the party?
Office Party Etiquette tips
Master the art of small talk

Winter Wardrobe WinnersTop Fashion Trends Winter 2013
Latest Winter Trends For Men
Winter Wardrobe Warnings
Sensational Summer Style Guide
Work doesn’t stop in the Summer months, why should your professional image?
What to buy & key wardrobe updates – here is a guide to make the latest looks work for you…

Do you have Personal Presence?9 Essentials to command Executive Presence Are you the Workplace Whisperer?
What is office gossip?
How to avoid this career limiting habit

The 9 Office Villains
Are you struggling with your co-workers?
9 Ways to deal with the “Office Villains” in your life
Women’s Month PresentationsThese presentations are fun, music-filled interactive and inspiring! Treat yourself and your staff, colleagues.

Celebrate your Fabulosity!

  • Are you a Superwoman?
  • Suffering from Superwoman Syndrome?
  • 9 ways to remove your Superwoman Suit
10 Tips to make a Great Impression

  • Why are First Impressions Important?
  • How to make a Lasting First Impression?

Winter Wardrobe Warnings

  • What to wear & what not to wear this Winter
A Day with Miss SA

  • A day spent with Melinda Bam
  • International Women’s Day 8 March
  • Be Packaged for Success
  • Have your own style and colour consultation done

Do you Speak in the Right Colours?

  • Why is wearing the correct colours important?
  • The Neutrals
  • The Meaning of Colours
  • Making colour work for you
  • Setting the mood with colour

8 ways to Reignite the Passion for your Job

  • Reignite the Passion for you Job
  • Motivate, Inspire & Reward
  • I love my job but…
  • 8 Ways to Reignite the Passion for your Job

The Office Romance – how to avoid making mistakes

  • A new year, New Relationships
  • The Office Romance Defined
  • Dealing with Cupid at the Office
  • Is it acceptable to flirt at the Office?
  • Is it OK to socialise with the boss?
You’re Invited to the Office party

  • Happy Holidays
  • 20 Tips for the Office Party

Sensational Summer Trends For You

  • Refresh your Image
  • Summer Trends for the Ladies
  • Sensational Must Have’s
  • The Colours of Summer
  • Summer for Men
  • Summer Caution
Open Plan Office Etiquette

  • Is your Open Plan Office Etiquette Correct
  • The Open Plan Office
  • The 3 S’s of Open Plan Office Etiquette

Suffering from Casual Confusion?

  • Casual Confusion
  • Secretary’s Day
  • When is Casual too Casual
  • Casual Clothing Cues
  • Casual Caution
Are you a Superwoman?

  • Are you a Superwoman?
  • The warning signs?
  • Motivate, inspire and reward for this women’s month…
  • What is the Superwoman Syndrome?
  • The cure

Secrets to Survive the Festive Season!

  • Do’s & Dont’s of the Office Party
  • What do I wear for the party?
  • Create your ultimate Self-Wrapping
  • Take the stress out of Gift Buying
  • Start 2011 on a high

Winter Wardrobe Essentials.

  • What to wear this winter
  • Hot winter colours
  • Best winter styles for men

12 Ways to Improve your Life Right Now…Where have the last 7 months gone to? I am sure-just like me-you have been caught up in the busyness of your life…
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Summer’s Best Most Wearable Trends…

  • Summer’s Best, Most Wearable Trends
  • Hot Colours for Summer
  • Sensational Must-Have Items
  • Trends to Avoid-don’t waste your money!
  • The Latest Fashion for Men
  • Ready to Wake-up your Summer Wardrobe?
  • This month’s great read-the Facebook Effect
  • Win a Mangwanani Vital Renew Package

10 Proven Ways to Obtain your 2010 Breakthrough

  • Your Complimentary 2010 Affirmation Card
  • 10 Proven Ways to obtain your Breakthrough
  • Be my guest on an MNET’s new show
  • Bored with the usual company training?
  • Congratulations to the new Miss South Africa
What to wear on Football Fridays…

  • Football Friday Wear-Winning Goals and Red Cards
  • How to create Football Fever at work
  • “Be Champions for South Africa!”
  • Does your company need clear dress code guidelines?

Go Ahead-Fire Yourself!

  • Dreading going back to work?
  • How to be the next Chief Breakthrough Executive
  • 6 Low-Fat Dressing Image Tips

A Brand called YOU!

  • “Be a Remarkable Brand”
  • A Brand called YOU
  • Win a Mangwanani Moonlight Night Spa valued at R 2 000
  • Destiny Strategies for Entrepreneurs Workshops
  • Check it out -our brand new website!
  • Becoming a Legend-Nycomed
A “Gift of Love” with a difference…

  • A Gift of Love
  • Romance & Flirting in the Office
  • “Is it acceptable to socialise with my boss?”
  • A Thought of Love for every day in Feb
  • Win a Style Consultation

A New Season, a New You

  • Ladies Key fashion trends for Spring Summer 2009
  • What not to wear to the office this Summer
  • Men 2009 Summer trends-the 3 C’s
  • The Must-See movie-COCO avant Chanel (Coco Before Chanel)
  • Miss South Africa did us Proud!
  • Your Spring/Summer Re-vamp Consultation

Are you working to live or living to work?

  • Bored with the usual Woman’s day Event?
  • Are you working to live or living to work?
  • Beware-the Silly Sales Season!