You have invested a large sum of money on your internship/graduate programme – ensure that it works for your department. In a short space of time interns need to show the value they will bring to your department. These courses are designed to help interns/graduates to quickly adjust to the public sector working environment, make powerful impressions and fast track their career path.

First Impressions For Lasting Opinions

Discover the power of first impressions and the key to designing an authentic personal brand that will yield the results you desire. Topics include investment dressing, the essentials of a polished professional, the five A’s of an ideal outfit, workplace warts – absolute no-no’s, and how to buy smart and look great on any budget, among others.

“Haydee is awesome! Thank you so much for preparing me for success in the corporate world”
Nida – Graduate – FNB Graduate Programme

Power Etiquette
What you don’t know can destroy your career. Wherever you may be and whomever you meet during your business interactions, the correct business etiquette will accelerate your career opportunities and provide you with a one-way ticket to success. Learn why manners make a difference, office dos and don’ts and what your handshake says about you. Other topics covered in this presentation include cell-phone, email, and meal manners; business card etiquette; the fine art of small talk; mastering the first greeting; impressive introductions and office-party etiquette. Presented by Haydee Antezana.

“A wonderful and enlightening presentation. Definitely a great opportunity before actually entering the workplace”
Christiaan – Graduate – FNB Graduate Programme

Effective Business Writing
Ensure your business writing is effective by learning to plan and strategise, write for your reader and get rid of pretentious corporate-speak and jargon. From the importance of layout to keeping your reader captivated, every business person will benefit from this course. Conducted by Mariette Malherbe.

REAL Motivation for Real Success

Hector Motau discovered his purpose while working as a radio personality and has never looked back since. In his unique and hilarious way, The REAL Motivator shares about his personal journey of purpose, making this presentation very powerful, practical and REAL