Corporate Image & Business Etiquette Training

Our corporate image & business etiquette training will guarantee that your event/conference or team meeting will be a resounding success. Your staff and guests will be inspired, motivated, educated and entertained. We call it INFOTAINMENT.
“Had the most amazing experience last week. Our entire sales and marketing team was given a wake-up call when Haydee took us through her presentation. The delivery was perfectly tuned with the message. This highlighted the full impact of the subconscious messages that we give out, when we don’t take note of what we wear and how we behave. John Backman-Commercial Marketing Manager – Adcock Ingram Gencare

At Professional Impressions, our corporate image consultants and business etiquette specialists key focus is to provide you and your staff with powerful skills related to personal brandingcorporate image, business etiquette and professionalism in the workplace.

– Is your staff currently projecting the best impression on your internal and external clients?
– Is the company’s brand reputation being damaged due to the lack of professionalism and bad image displayed by employees?
– Could your company be losing customers and potential clients to your competition as a result of the staff’s poor corporate image or business etiquette?
– Do you need to equip employees with tools to release their unlimited potential, brilliance & fabulosity?

Our programmes will allow your staff to:

  • command executive presence
  • project powerful, lasting impressions
  • display the correct etiquette during all business interactions
  • demonstrate the company’s values through their corporate image & business etiquette

We will ensure that existing and potential clients are:

  • dazzled by the way the staff represents their personal and company brand;
  • impressed by your team’s image excellence; and
  • inspired by their business etiquette and professionalism.

Our corporate image consultants and business etiquette specialists look forward to assisting you in designing your new corporate image and personal brand!

Get Fired up & Fabulous with speaker Haydee Antezana. She will make your Event at the office an inspiring, exciting & memorable experience for your colleagues and clients!

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August is Women’s month so get the ladies at the office Fired up & Fabulous with speaker Haydee Antezana or Nadeema Kahan. They will make your Women’s Event at the office an inspiring, exciting & memorable experience for your colleagues and clients! For more info visit