As a government official, you need to at all times uphold the Batho Pele principles-putting people first. Being in the public eye and representing your country daily can be very challenging. These workshops will assist you to constantly maintain a professional impression in your every day interactions.

Dynamic Presentations
Mariette Malherbe will provide you with the tools to structure and deliver informative and persuasive presentations that make a strong impact to your specific target market.

Your Vibrant Voice

Marija Ruygrok conducts one-on-one voice training for both first- and second-language English speakers. The focus is on improving confidence, clarity, pronunciation, voice projection and expression to ensure your vocal brand makes the best impression on those around you.

Effective Business Writing

Ensure your business writing is effective by learning to plan and strategise, write for your reader and get rid of pretentious corporate-speak and jargon. From the importance of layout to keeping your reader captivated, every business person will benefit from this course. Conducted by Mariette Malherbe.

Conflict Resolution

Learn to identify your style of conflict, understand the impact of conflict on an organisation/relationships and find out how to manage and resolve conflict effectively. Presented by Mariette Malherbe.

Win-Win Negotiations

This programme unpacks the phases of negotiation, how to plan win-win negotiations and evaluate verbal interactions to ensure the best results possible. Presented by Mariette Malherbe.

English in the Workplace
A practical programme targeted at second-language English speakers, focusing on improving written and spoken English relevant in the workplace. Conducted by Marija Ruygrok.

Personalised Image Consultations (click here for more info)

Discover how to project your authentic image in a consistent and confident manner. Our style, colour, wardrobe consultation will change the way you look at yourself and clothes forever. It will make your daily visit to your wardrobe one filled with inspiration instead of frustration.

Shop Smart Services
We will take you shopping in order to avoid costly fashion mistakes and make informed decisions suited for your style. This will eliminate the guesswork and will make clothing shopping quicker and less stressful from now on.