You have decided that your team needs to go away on a teambuild session- so what is the teambuild going to consist of? We offer you various presentations which will aim at improving productivity and morale; breaking down personal barriers; will ensure support to the department and management efforts; better communication; better conflict resolution; establish effective working relationships and personal job satisfaction. In a nutshell our team building sessions will ensure a contented staff team devoted to their department.

REAL Motivation for Teams
It is clear that the concept of team work has been with mankind from time in memorial given the idiomatic expressions referring to it in all languages. However, it looks like over the decades people lost this important value which was crucial for productivity and progress. Hector Motau’s mission is to restore it in your organization. He has conducted this presentation for various teams across a range of industries with outstanding results.

First Impressions For Lasting Opinions
Discover the power of first impressions and the key to designing an authentic personal brand that will yield the results you desire. Topics include investment dressing, the essentials of a polished professional, the five A’s of an ideal outfit, workplace warts – absolute no-no’s, and how to buy smart and look great on any budget, among others.

The Superwoman Syndrome
Designed for women who are feeling overwhelmed by the many pressures of life, this interactive and lively presentation conducted by Haydee Antezana will help you to discover how to simplify your life, get where you want to be, become less of a perfectionist, learn to take care of yourself and cope with daily stress. Recommended for any woman who has ever wished she had an extra pair of hands or more hours in the day!

REAL Motivation for Real Success

Hector Motau discovered his purpose while working as a radio personality and has never looked back since. In his unique and hilarious way, The REAL Motivator shares about his personal journey of purpose, making this presentation very powerful, practical and REAL

Understanding yourself – the key to success (the Enneagram)

Bring out the leader in you and in others – understanding yourself will take you from ordinary to extraordinary. This workshop provides you with insight into the nine personality types, their characteristic behaviour patterns, what motivates these behaviors and how to achieve your full potential by changing destructive habits. Presented by Mariette Malherbe.

Health & Wellness Retreat

Decadent Revitalization

mangwananiaProfessional Impressions Teambuild

“Mangwanani is a Rare Experience of True African Indulgence, where the touch of our Forefathers still runs through the fingertips of our Tribe – a Healing Touch that Blesses the Body and Soul through the use of Unique Ancestral Therapies and Remedies. Healing Africa through African healing”

This unique African Spa Experience incorporates Wellness, Entertainment and Social Responsibility. The staff focus on relaxation while indulging all the senses in True Decadent Revitalization. Mangwanani has been voted Spa of the Year (for the past 6 years) in South Africa. For promotions and corporate packages click here.

Professional Impressions Teambuild

Health & Wellness
Ronald Abvajee encourages you to aim towards pro-active healthy living with the following talks:

  • Healthy Human capital=Healthy Bottom Line.
  • Re-inventing your body
  • A healthy body = a healthy life

In a fast-paced world with exhausting demands on our time and performance, Celynn Erasmus presents hands-on, real advice to help you live better, smarter and to get the most out of every day.
Her presentation “Do More…with Less” will provide you with easy-to-implement tips and techniques on how to gain an extra two more productive hours in your day.Her message is not just about food but about balance, achieving more energy and better health.