Firs Impressions

  • ridging the Communication Gap
  • Facing the fax
  • Cellphone manners
  • Netiquette
  • ultivating a First Impression that Lasts Forever

Business Casual – A Sign of the Changing Times? Understanding the Dress Code Policy

  • Workplace Warts
  • Abundant Life Live Each Day As If It Were Your Last

Abundant joy

  • How to create joy in your life and share it with others

Can you pack for Perth or Poffadder?

  • Strategies to ensure your holiday is sun and fun filled

Are you in love with yourself?

  • What are you giving yourself for Valentine’s Day?
  • Be gender sensitive
  • How to avoid sexual harassment in the workplace
  • What to do when you are a victim of sexual harassment at the office

Are you trying to be a Superhero?

  • What is the Superhero Syndrome?
  • Superpower Survival Strategies
  • Top 10 Timesaving Tips
  • Business Entertaining
  • Mind over Platter – Do’s and Don’ts of Cocktail Buffet Functions

A Confidence Tune-Up

  • Confidence Wobblers
  • The Confidence Recipe
  • Better Ways to Work a Room
  • Be your own PR Manager
  • Networking made easy

Being the host(ess) with the mostest

  • How to be the perfect guest
  • The Office Party do’s and don’ts
  • Christmas parties – glitz, glamour, gloss
  • What to wear to that special occassion …
  • How to put sizzle in your step

Bad Impressions

  • Common turnoffs to avoid
  • How to recover and land back on your feet
  • Colour Crazy
  • How to best use this season’s colours in the workplace

Are you a Nobody living in the Land of Familiar?

  • Step out of your Comfort Zone today and pursue your Big Dream
  • Celebrate Spring Clear the Clutter
  • Update Your Wardrobe-latest Spring trends