A New Year, A Work in Progress

  • Building Office Relations:
  • you’re the “new person” at the office
  • ways to make everyone feel accepted
  • how to deal with difficult colleagues

Meeting Management

  • Principles for Productive Meetings
  • Meeting Monsters

Do you know the secret?

  • The Secret is released to the world!

11 steps to Superwoman Freedom

  • Study Proves Image Consultants Raise Self-Esteem
  • 11 things to buy before you die…

When is Business Casual too Casual?

  • Maintain a professional image that won’t cost you your reputation or job this summer.
  • “Summer Shoe Pledge.”
  • For all the ladies wanting to wear sandals this Summer–you need to make this pledge.
  • New Season, New Look…
  • Re–invent yourself this season with the hottest trends.
  • Trend Pitfalls.
  • For the Boys …

Are you a Powerful Brand?

  • Essentials of a Succesful brand
  • Small changes – big results
  • Command Confidence
  • Powerful confidence tips for your life and work

The Office Party Do’s & Dont’s

  • What to wear for the Party?