Miss. S.A semi-finalists workshops
It’s that time of the year again – were we are envied by every man-as we get to dress and spend time with the 28 most gorgeous ladies in the land. This time we headed off to the magnificent Sun International Wild Coast Sun Resort. Here are the various mini workshops and exercises we designed for the semi-finalist to test their skills and knowledge: What’s in the Brand Mystery box? the semi-finalists were divided into groups and asked to unveil their mystery box. They were given 15 minutes to use all the tools inside to put together a “brandboard”. These visuals needed to represent the Must-Have’s and the No-No-s that the brand “Miss SA” should represent. The teams that presented were: the A-Team, Vanilla & Spice girls, Impressionistas, the A-Listers. The ladies came up with amazing ideas and concepts-well done girls!

What do I wear for? They took part in a speed quiz – 8 ladies were dressed in appropriate and inappropriate outfits for different events. Their peers had to guess which outfit should be worn to which event? What do you wear for a business women’s breakfast talk or attending a cocktail party? Miss. S.A always needs to know what is appropriate for which function. Impromptu talks-Nadeema shared the 5 p’s of vocal quality as well as how to design an impromptu talk Social graces and Cocktail Etiquette: Knowing the correct etiquette for these events can be tricky. That night the contestants flaunted their networking and social skills we had shared with them earlier on. They were unaware this event was a task they were being judged on. We had a fabulous time and ladies don’t forget …”You were born for greatness”.

To see see more photo’s of the beautiful miss.S.A semi-finalists visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Professional-Impressions/153039828043899

Iyanla Vanzant

The main reason I attended the Destiny Forum was because my spiritual mentor Iyanla Vanzant (whom I’d been watching on Oprah for years) would be inspiring us all. I was honoured to personally speak to her and spend some time in her divine presence. If you are in the Meantime of your Life… you know…waiting for that dream job to come along, expecting to make more money or finding your dream man/woman – you best get to your nearest bookstore and buy her book “In the Meantime” -it got me to the best place in my life! Yesterday I cried, Until today are some other awesome recommendations. Here is a short video clip of her entering the room to the song “Give yourself away,” which brought us to our feet and to tears. Enjoy!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txoz6fl9CRI




Strategies for Shaping our Destiny

Yesterday I attended one of the most awesome conferences I have been to in SA – the Destiny Magazine Forum hosted by a remarkable and inspiring woman Khanyi Dhlomo. The day was about networking, learning and succeeding. However the reason I went was to be in the same room as my life-long spiritual mentor Dr Iyanla Vanzant but I got so much more…. The forum featured Marcus Buckingham on finding your edge, Thebe Ikalafeng on Brand Africa, Phuti Mahanyele on unlocking the youth talent and Kuben Naidoo on Re-making SA.


(below)New York Times Best Selling author and business consultant Marcus Buckingham spoke on the topic of “How to stand out as a leader”. He suggested you focus on your strengths-don’t waste your time on fixing your weaknesses. Find out what is unique about you and make use of it.


(below)Here I am with Khanyi Dhlomo Khize ,founding editor of Destiny and managing director of Ndalo Media.With me is also Tumi Frazier international author, speaker and life coach with personal and organizational development.


(below)Phuti Mahanyele, businesswoman extraordinaire and CEO of billion dollar blue chip company-the Shanduka group. She spoke about unlocking Africa’s most valuable resource the youth.


(below)Thebe Ikalafeng advised us to think local and act global. He quoted Rapper Tupac Shakur “Don’t change the face-face the change” Did you know that MTN was the first mobile phone company to launch “Pay as you Go”?


(below)Here I am with Carte Blanche’s Devi Govender, who led the Q & A Forum by asking provoking and interesting questions to the different speakers.



Celebrate Your Fabulosity!

When last did you celebrate the phenomenal woman that you are or that you work with? This August celebrate Women’s month by doing something for yourself, your female staff & your clients that will have real, long-term value.

In the last few months I have come across many women who are desperate for a breakthrough in their life…

The “Superwoman Syndrome” might be just what you need to hear. This is an inspirational, fun-filled, interacting, corporate presentation for the woman who is trying to deal with her multi – faceted roles, whilst still maintaining her sanity!

For more information on this and other interesting women’s presentations – click here.
Ideal for Women’s Day, Secretary’s Day, client breakfasts, lunches and team building events.
For video clips of the presentations click here.

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Interview on Talk Radio 702


I was asked to discuss Office Etiquette on the Money Show with Bruce Whitfield on Talk Radio 702 and 567 Cape. If you missed it you can still keep up to date with latest etiquette tips. To listen to the audio clip, click here.

Preparing Remona Moodley for Miss World 2012




We were privileged to assist Remona (Miss South Africa 1st princess) in preparing for the Miss World 2012 pageant. We put together outfits and accessories that will take her through a 35 day stay; also gave her packing tips; art of small talk and branding tips. Nadeema took her through presentation and interview techniques. Remona Moodley is no stranger to pageants and held the title of First Princess for Miss SA Teen in 2006 and was crowned Miss India South Africa in 2005. Remona is 23 years old and has an Electrical Engineering Degree from the University of Cape Town. This year, Remona launched the Fund-A-Dream Foundation which aims at sourcing funding for talented young South Africans to prevent financial constraints from stifling their dreams. Yesterday we attended the farewell party in her honour. All the media were there including All Access TV crew with gorgeous presenter Bridget Masinga. Remona made a glamorous entrance as she revealed the exquisite Haroun Hansrot design. This turquoise Swarovski embellished dress will be her formal evening gown. A world record 120 nations will enter the Ordos Stadium Arena in a spectacular choreographed opening. Miss World 2012 will be broadcast live from Ordos, Inner Mongolia to an audience in excess of one billion viewers in over 160 countries. Remona on Saturday 18th August we will be sipping champagne in front of our TV screens rooting for you – show the world your FABULOSITY!

As 2011 comes to an end


Miss South Africa – Melinda Bam


This weekend we rubbed shoulders with South Africa’s top celebrities at the prestigious Miss SA pageant at Sun City. One of my top favourites through the past few months was breathtaking Melinda Bam – who was crowned the new Miss SA on Sunday evening . Her first princess is Remona Moodley, 22, and second princess Thuli Sangwini, 21. Melinda is a 22-year-old Pretoria University B Comm marketing student-she will represent SA in the Miss World and Miss Universe pageants. I believe she will be the perfect ambassador -as from the word go Melinda epitomised the phrase “beauty from the inside out”.

Her prize package includes a car, a designer diamond watch and a luxury trip to Paris and of course my attention whenever she needs it!

The Miss SA top 12 Finalists

Last week was the official announcement of the top 12 Miss SA Finalists for this years competiton. I took the 16 finalists through a workshop the morning of the announcement and discussed how to be remarkable, what are we saying through our body language, the art of colour and how to build your personal wardrobe.

The ladies were all very nervous because immediately after our workshop they headed into two more judging stages. One was swimwear and the other a question and answer stage on why they should be the next Miss South Africa and what makes them different from the next contestant.

The ladies did a fantastic job and shortly after; were notified (along with press and media) about who had made it into the top 12 selection – Congratulations. Be sure to catch the Miss SA final live this Sunday – 11 December at 17:30pm on Channel 107 Mzansi Magic.

Who do you think will be the next Miss SA?


The Road to Miss SA

Haydee recently took the gorgeous Miss South Africa ladies through a powerful personal branding and etiquette principles workshop – the presentation was televised for “THE ROAD TO MISS SA” insert and will be airing this Sunday – 30 October – on MZANSI MAGIC – Channel 107 on DTSV at 19:00pm – be sure to tune in and get an idea of the journey involved in becoming the next Miss South Africa.

Cosmopolitan – October Issue

Be sure to grab the latest Cosmo and have a look in the Career section, I have contributed towards an article on Personal Branding – there are some key tips to take note of.


Are you Packaged for Success?

This particular workshop is our most popular choice (click here for more information regarding this presentation.) It consists of either/both your visual brand or/and your relationship brand which covers image and etiquette topics. Our most recent clients have been Miss South Africa, Nampak, Tarsus and Ernst & Young. If you would like to know more about tis workshop and how it can be tailored for your requirements, get in touch with us here.

miss sa 30 august1 copyey packaged for success 30-09c

Women’s Day Workshops

Over the last two weeks we have been busy with our various women-only workshops ( if you would like to know more about these workshops click here) aimed at empowering and inspiring the woman of today. Some of our clients include Eskom, EOH, Consol Glass, J.P. Morgan and the Airports Company of Port Elizabeth. These companies treated the hardworking women in their offices to one of our presentations. You can view the pictures and comments from the presentations in our events section here.

Women’s Month build-up

With women’s day nearing, we have had a large interest in our women only workshops. this time of the year is one of our busiest and it is always fantastic to know that companies and employers appreciate the women in their lives. Be sure to check out our Women’s events by clicking here and be sure to read our latest newsletter which is all about Superwomen Syndrome.

collage 3

Ernst & Young graduate programme

Over the last few months we have been working with the new graduates of Ernst & Young. We take the graduates through the “Packaged for Success” course which is set over two days with the first day focusing on etiquette and the second day focusing on image. Over the two days the graduates learn the importance of personal branding, the correct handshake, body language and business card etiquette – to name a few, whilst on the second day we cover areas like what colours suit their skin tone and what the correct work attire is for their particular industry. The course covers a variety of topics and lessons which will benefit them throughout their lives.

ey website






Watch Haydee preparing the Miss SA finalists on Sundays at 17h30 on DSTV-Mzanzi Magic – channel 107


Here is some of the feedback from the finalists on Haydee’s course:

Bokang – “Keep doing what you are doing and touching as well as changing the lives of others.”

Anja – The realization to enhance yourself and by doing so you give meaning to other people’s lives. Thank-you for the handful of diamonds you gave me today, to go polish and make them shine.

Dhesha – Well presented, extremely informative and entertaining.

Danicka – This workshop created an awareness of the power of personal image, perceptions and impressions and often we forget how to be the best versions of ourselves, the workshop reminded us of how to do that. Empowering and relevant.

Bianca – I woke up to realize that I am capable of more than I initially thought.

PIAA Conference November 2010

I am honoured to be the co-founder of the PIAA (Professional Image Association of Africa) together with Minnette Luus. On Dec1 we held our first annual conference. A new legacy in the South African Image Industry has began and I am proud to be part of it.The PIAA strives to combine all the facets of total image into one organization. We want to establish a network of image experts which includes anyone that wants to, or is already involved in the image industry. This association is for any professional in image or image-related fields e.g. fashion designers/buyers, stylists, fashion journalists, beauticians, hair-stylists, make-up artists, dieticians, wellness and fitness instructors, plastic surgeons etc.

If you are in these related fields and wish to become a member visit www.piaa.co.za.

Sincerest thanks once more to our MC-Lorna Potgieter and speakers Marisa Daly & Marija Ruygrok.


Launch of Facebook “Professional Impressions” Group


Did you know that if Facebook was a country–it would be the third largest on earth? With nearly 200 million more inhabitants than the USA. Would you believe that at the last count, the site added 8 new users per second!

Professional Impressions has officially added to that statistic by launching our page. If you want to receive motivational messages, updates and share tips, please click here to join our group.

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Launch of Blog Page

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Facebook “Professional Impressions” Group

Did you know that if Facebook was a country–it would be the third largest on earth? With nearly 200 million more inhabitants than the USA. Would you believe that at the last count, the site added 8 new users per second!

Professional Impressions has officially added to that statistic by launching our page. If you want to receive motivational messages, updates and share tips, please click here to join our group.

Have you found a great affordable fashion item or interesting business information website?

Do you have an opinion or question?

Write up on our “Wall”, load up your favourite fashion trend pics and voice your opinion on our “Discussions” page.


Launch of Blog Page

Clickhere to link to our new blog page – you will access to the latest, exciting practical tips on etiquette and image.



New Links!

Please visit our newest link “Inspiring Women” It will definately be worthwhile.




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WakaWomen is about what women want. Articles, news and reviews on subjects relevant to you, your family and your life.

Our articles feature real women, qualified experts and the latest research on a range of topics. If it’s not featured, visitors let us know and we find the information they need.

Site founder Beth Cooper Howell is a media specialist and senior writer for websites, magazines and corporates across the world. WakaWomen is a free service to women worldwide – Beth’s stories and reviews on stuff that matters.



We bid farewell and good luck to Nicole Flint for the Miss World Competition held in China

On August 23rd Miss SA Nicole Flint was placed in the Miss Universe Contest in Las Vegas before a worldwide viewing audience of one billion viewers. She beat Miss Venezuela and Miss USA-no mean feat. Well done girl! Best Wishes for the upcoming Miss World contest in China on Saturday 30t

October in the city of Sanya. Contestants from over 120 countries will be competing in Miss World’s 60th Final which will begin Miss World’s diamond anniversary year.

Haydee’s Summer Trends article was featured in the Verve Magazine, see below:

Summer’s Best, Most Wearable Trends

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different” Coco Chanel

A Fresh Romance
Create a softly feminine look-use floral prints, chiffon, silk, lace, layering, tone on tone nudes and loose tailored garments. For work don’t do light colors head-to-toe combine with charcoal or darker pants. Team up a ruffled blouse or lacy camisole with a relaxed jacket. This way you will look feminine and credible at the same time. Warning: over-doing this look could make you come across as too “girly” and will not be taken seriously enough.

Back in the Wild
Neutral, earthy tones, trench dresses, gladiator sandals, a tribal beaded necklace, gold accessories, animal and ethnic prints. Anchor prints with a utility khaki jacket.
Invest in a bag or shoe with a touch of animal print-its a classic print. Warning: animal print from head to toe-will make you the office’s laughing stock.

Strong and Simple
Sleek tailoring and chic elegance. Choose jackets in classic styles Monochrome Mixes – combinations of dove grey, black, ash and white. Warning: if lines too severe can appear too serious or unapproachable.

Ahoy! Ahoy!
Mix stripes with polka dots and add bold colour to update the classic nautical look. Use combination of black, white, red and navy. Warning: Avoid horizontal stripes over the wide part of your body, as this will draw major attention to your problem area.

Hot Colours for Summer:
The Brights Palette
-inject your wardrobe with colour energy-try neon green, acid yellow, coral, aqua, tangerine, fire-engine red, electric blue, vivid purple. So not to shock the office staff anchor with a neutral. Remember that you can wear any colour of the rainbow-what’s important is in what intensity, hue and tone suits you best. For more info on our colour consultations-
click here.
Candyfloss Pastels-blush pink, soft peach, banana, lemon, lilac, powder blue, mint, jade and aqua.
The Nudes-Café Latté, beige, cream, taupe, stone and soft khaki.
Nudes go well when combined with other colors in an outfit or as a canvas to display a great piece of jewelry. Pick the correct nude fabric-nothing too body hugging. The fabric should drape and float away from the body.

Sensational Must-Have Items:

The Dress-this is the season of the dress. If you are a busy woman, there’s nothing easier than a dress in the correct style and colour to suit you. A Shift dress is understated, elegant and contoured. A Maxi dress is comfortable and kind to curves. The Grecian draped dress is very flattering. For work- make sure your cleavage and arms are not over-exposed.
The White Shirt-update yours every season. Choose one with enough flair to carry a whole outfit.
The Jumpsuit-select a neutral colour-grey, camel, black. Choose softly, draped simple styles and fabrics. Worn with belts, jackets, stacked heels and bold accessories.
Bib and multi-row necklaces.
Drawstring toggle bags and mini bags.
• Strappy, cut-out, stacked stilettos & wedges– nude, printed or floral, bows and buckle detail. Invest in a neutral pair of heels that matches your skin color-it will visually extend the line of your leg-making you appear taller instantly when showing off your legs.
A striking arm cuff in brass, silver or wood.
Oversized glasses-printed and tinted in your favourite Summer shade.

Trends to avoid-don’t waste your money:
Rock a sock-wearing socks with your sandals..ughhh.
The Utility Trend-looks like you are going to work on the plumbing in your basement. Zips, ties, slouchy pockets. Too casual for work.
Thigh-baring minis/shorts-beware of anything that is super-short, you will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. If you have good legs opt for the just above the knee pencil skirt.
Lingerie as Outerwear-corsets, lacy camis on their own.”I believe in the 9 to 5 girl-not the 5 p.m. to 9 a.m. girl.” Adam Glassman. Rather make use of smart layering.
Mixing multi prints & patterns-very few people can pull off this mix ‘n match so rather keep to a print on your garment.
The Western look-faded denim, fringing, suede, cowboy boots. Your manager will put you on your horse and asked to go back to the ranch!
Casual, flat gladiator sandals or pumps for the office.

The Latest Fashion for Men:

Suits-the cut this season is narrow and fitted. If you are not the athletic build opt for a semi-fitted suit instead. Two button, single vent and single breasted suits are in. The new black is gun metal grey. In Summer you can choose a lighter colour neutral suit eg chocolate brown or stone. Don’t go lighter than mid-toned if you want to be taken seriously.
Shirts & Ties-it’s all in the understated detail e.g. contrast stitching, to contrast piping’s and contrast under collars. Shirt collars are double and exaggerated. Cuffs with piped edging. Multi striped shirts for a more casual look. Self-striped shirts and ties. Prints-subtle florals or paisleys. Ties are narrower this season. The tie and pocket square are an important part of the look.
Pants-the trend is to wear them ankle length. If you wish to do this use it for your more casual, non-work pants. Pleatless and looser wide-legged trousers are popular this season.
Fabrics-linen rears its head again-seen in black, stone and white. More appropriate for a relaxed environment or casual event. If you wishto introduce it to the office select it in luxury mixes with wool, cashmere or silk.
Colours-shades of the earth, sand, dark brown and khaki green, combined with white, and Chinese red and teal blue as highlights. Different shades of blue, mixed with beige and white, with accents of lilac and soft pink. High summer opens with lemon yellow, white and brown, followed by fire shades of burnt orange, fuchsia and anemone with white and metallic gray. The colour of the season is purple from lavender to bright purple. Also in-all tones of green, from mint to neon green.

Remember, it’s not about what you wear-it’s how you wear it. Make sure it’s appropriate for the situation, accentuates your assets and makes you feel confident.