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Make your Women’s Event at the office an inspiring, exciting & memorable experience for yourself, your colleagues and clients! Book one of these presentations now.

This presentation is for every woman in your team who…

  • Has wished she had more hours in a day
  • Feels like she doesn’t know whether she is coming or going
  • Is living in survival mode – trying to be the perfect wife, mother, friend and colleague

This presentation equips women with the tools to release their unlimited potential, brilliance & fabulosity! This is what past clients had to say:

This insightful presentation has raised the morale amongst the ladies in the office. Haydee’s ability to speak to both the rational and emotional sides of the ladies makes this presentation one with long term effect. Kirby Louis-Manager-Corporate Communications-TOYOTA South Africa Motors
Anèll (Sasol) – Thanks for the life changing day. Awesome way of getting your message through.
Reletile (JP Morgan) – It was fantastic, I learnt some valuable lessons within the hour.
Helizta (Consol) – Life altering!
Bongiwe – What makes Haydee’s presentation special is that she personalises all her messages, this allows the audience to connect with her.
Nonhlanhla (Sasol) – So authentic, inspiring, touching and intriguing.
Feroza (JP Morgan)– It was nice hearing from someone so “real”, not just talk.
Lucy (Consol)– It was dynamic, absolutely excellent and uplifting.

Please note these are not public workshops. To book a date or find out more about organising this presentation for your female staff/clients. Click here.

Superwoman Syndrome

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Do you command Executive presence? Have you created a powerful personal brand?

This presentation equips women with the tools to be Packaged for Success

Womens event success

There is a noticeable difference in how the ladies present themselves. The benefits of this programme are twofold, one for the business and another for the staff; which creates a lasting impression.
Nokuzola Klaas – FNB Head of Client Services – Global Transactional Services

The practicality and staying power of Haydee’s presentation is evident till now. Our staff is on a buzz about image and personal branding. I personally have been impacted by this consciousness and am grateful every day for having attended the sessions. Sebe Rasebitse-Human Resources, Learning & Development Manager Tracker Connect

Haydee from Professional Impressions was a phenomenal speaker and aligned her package for success presentation to the values of our organisation. The ladies were educated on how to dress for success. Her interactive session was very resourceful and informative. She has definitely left a memorable experience with our female staff on how to improve personal branding to align themselves with our organisations values. Eshana Manichand, Business Executive: Change, Transformation and Ethics –Auditor General

Nkululeko (Nedbank) The presentation was well balanced, informative, visual and funny. It was brilliant.
Palesa (Group5)
– Very well put together presentation. It certainly opened up my eyes to a lot of mistakes that I was doing. I am certainly going to take everything I learnt and apply it in my day to day life.
Brenda (EOH) – I will certainly go forward with your words echoing in my head when shopping for clothes in future.
Ezmaré (Group5)Well worth it, opens your eyes on what might work for you and what you have been doing wrong.
Aobakwe (Nedbank)
– You have given me confidence in my style but I have a lot to improve on, thumbs up… It was quite an eye opener.
Maria (Group5)– The presentation was great, I have gained so much experience about how to dress up and gain confidence.

Please note these are not public workshops. To book a date or find out more about organising this presentation for your female staff/clients. Click here.


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