Communication Excellence
The key to success is the ability to communicate effectively. This workshop will assist you in planning your communication, identifying its purpose, constructing a message, structuring your ideas logically and speaking your client’s language. Presented by Mariette Malherbe.

Effective Business Writing

Ensure your business writing is effective by learning to plan and strategise, write for your reader and get rid of pretentious corporate-speak and jargon. From the importance of layout to keeping your reader captivated, every business person will benefit from this course. Conducted by Mariette Malherbe.

English in the Workplace
A practical programme targeted at second-language English speakers, focusing on improving written and spoken English relevant in the workplace. Conducted by Marija Ruygrok.

Telephone Skills
This individual or group training is aimed at improving the professionalism and efficiency of switchboard operators / receptionists / call centre staff / PAs and anyone else who needs to make a professional impression over the telephone. Conducted by Marija Ruygrok.

Duration/delegate numbers:
1-2 hour keynote presentations: between 10 and 1 000 delegates (depending on topic)
Half day/Full Day Workshops: up to 50 delegates (depending on topic)

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