Power Etiquette
What you don’t know can destroy your career. Wherever you may be and whomever you meet during your business interactions, the correct business etiquette will accelerate your career opportunities and provide you with a one-way ticket to success. Learn why manners make a difference, office dos and don’ts and what your handshake says about you. Other topics covered in this presentation include cell-phone, email, and meal manners; business card etiquette; the fine art of small talk; mastering the first greeting; impressive introductions and office-party etiquette. Presented by Haydee Antezana.
Understanding yourself – the key to success (the Enneagram)
Bring out the leader in you and in others – understanding yourself will take you from ordinary to extraordinary. This workshop provides you with insight into the nine personality types, their characteristic behaviour patterns, what motivates these behaviors and how to achieve your full potential by changing destructive habits. Presented by Mariette Malherbe.

REAL Motivation for Effective Service Delivery
It’s common to hear people complaining about appalling service from different organisations in South Africa. It is a fact that our general service standards are not up to scratch and something drastic ought to be done sooner than later. With the 2010 World Cup coming up, it makes the situation even more urgent. In this presentation Hector Motau gives REAL tips on how to improve service levels.

REAL Motivation for Teams
It is clear that the concept of team work has been with mankind from time in memorial given the idiomatic expressions referring to it in all languages. However, it looks like over the decades people lost this important value which was crucial for productivity and progress. Hector Motau’s mission is to restore it in your organization. He has conducted this presentation for various teams across a range of industries with outstanding results.