PI Large Banners New- Packaged for successStanford & Harvard surveys indicate that  15% of success in business is due to technical knowledge, while 85% of success is due to people skills and a professional image! Ensure that you equip your staff to make the best impressions possible through this dynamic presentation.

Packaged for Success – this Corporate Image training will empower you and your staff with powerful skills related to corporate image, personal branding, business etiquette and professionalism. We will share practical tips, strategies and tools on how to:

  • Make a powerful first impression
  • Design a memorable personal brand
  • Command personal presence
  • Be remarkable and find the WOW factor
  • Discover the 5 A’s of a polished professional image
  • Identify the workplace warts
  • The appropriate dress levels for the situation, interaction e.g. smart, smart casual, casual?
  • What suits you?
  • Correct fit (jacket, skirt, pants length)
  • The language of colour
  • Grooming do’s and don’ts
  • Your 30-second image survival checklist
  • Top Ten Must-Have clothing items
  • How to Buy Smart and Look Great on Any Budget
  • The capsule concept – take 10 items and convert to 30 outfits
  • How to walk your talk – powerful body language secrets
  • Display powerful etiquette & professionalism from meeting excellence to art of conversation
  • 6 steps to obtain a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) degree
  • Your attitude = your altitude
  • What is accountability ? How do you become more accountable?

Workshop content varies according to client brief.  All workshops conducted at client’s premises

Duration/delegate numbers:

1-2 hour keynote presentations: between 10 and 1 000 delegates (depending on topic)
Half day/Full Day Workshops: up to 50 delegates (depending on topic)

“I have attended many training sessions over many days which has not taught me what I learned today in 8 hours. This was powerful.”  MJ – Associate Manager-PWC

“Thank you for your excellent session with our team and for taking so much trouble to tailor the content to align with our focus areas. The feedback from our staff was excellent – we all found it informative and useful.  We all hold our personal brand far more dearly than before.”  Karen Cilliers – Head of Client Business RMB-FICC Operations

“There is a noticeable difference in how the staff present themselves. The benefits of this programme are twofold, one for the business and another for the staff; which creates a lasting impression.”  Nokuzola Klaas – FNB Head of Client Services – Global Transactional Services

“As their name states – Professional Impressions are truly at all times professional. It was a pleasure dealing with Haydee, she is extremely resourceful, helpful and deliver what was requested. Our staff thoroughly enjoyed each session.”  Elize Crampton-Vice President – IB Finance & Bus Mgmt – J.P. Morgan

“There is a buzz at the office amongst the group that attended the course. You could immediately see a change in dress code the next day. The group is continuously giving feedback to each other w.r.t. the professional impressions principles that you have taught us. We are all very aware of us being a brand for ourselves. The valuable information that you have shared with us has truly made an impact on all of us.”  Nydia Hopley – Human Resources- Sanlam

“I have worked in International Financial Markets globally & attended hundreds of functions-I didn’t think you could change anything about me. Your awesome presentation slowly revealed my visual image & I immediately realised that I had to re-create my most successful self.” Bossau Boshoff – Trade Solution Specialist- ABSA Capital Global Markets

“Had the most amazing experience last week..our entire sales and marketing team was given a wake-up call when Haydee took us through her presentation. The delivery was perfectly tuned with the message. This highlighted the full impact of the subconscious messages that we give out, when we don’t take note of what we wear and how we behave.” John Backman-Commercial Marketing Manager – Adcock Ingram Gencare

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