Aspirations for a New Year

  • Forget resolutions – what do you aspire to be, to achieve and to attain in 2005
  • Cool yet professional
  • How to stay cool in summer while still looking professional
  • Cash in on the Sales
  • The Silly Sales Season

Are you romancing your soul? Are you giving enough living and loving?

  • Behave in the workplace! Romance in the office
  • Can I flirt?
  • Can I socialise with my boss?
  • Can I ask the new rep on a date?

Book the best seat One-on one seating

  • Meeting Seating
  • Choose the perfect shoes Heel styles
  • Correct colour choices
  • To die for
  • Self help tips for the Shoe-a-holic
  • Men – put your best foot forward

Are you passionate or a workaholic?

  • Do you have the “Superhero Syndrome”?
  • Prevent burnout now!
  • Less work more sleep
  • Be equipped to deal with difficult people Handle your manager effectively
  • Deal with “special” colleagues

Be a world class speaker

  • Would you rather die than talk in public?
  • Cuddle up with winter’s latest styles For the girls
  • For the guys

Are you a Self–Brander?

  • How are you currently marketing and branding yourself?
  • Careful Choice … Correct Outcome
  • What to wear to … the job interview, stressful meeting etc

Father’s day Special Offer

Are you a Worrier rather than a Warrior?

  • Worry Busters For Warriors
  • Be careful of your language
  • He Says, She Says

Business telephone calls

  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Top Phone Rage Triggers
  • Cutting Edge
  • Are you having a bad hair life?
  • Ensuring a great hair experience
  • Latest trend news from Gary Rom

Are you winning friends at work?

  • Gossiping
  • Office Politics
  • Cat out the Bag?
  • Bagging a good one …
  • Latest bag styles
  • Bag habits
  • For the men

Be Gifted

  • The Art of giving and receiving gifts
  • Gift Wrapping
  • Do you know how to give/receive compliments?
  • Create your ultimate Self-Wrapping
  • Showcasing your Sizzle
  • Glitz and glamour for that cocktail function-straight from the office