We give you some ideas on how to keep that holiday momentum still going. See “Lost your Sparkle?”

  • Discover our Valentine’s Day Special Offer.
  • Have you come to a career crossroads?
  • The beginning of the year is always a time of stock taking and of re-evaluating your life, deciding to pursue a course or to change direction.
  • Assess your career path and where it is taking you.
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  • for all our latest workshops, keynote presentations and services.

Wardrobe Malfunction

  • Is your wardrobe a disaster area?
  • How do you make way for the new-get rid of the old?
  • Angry with someone lately?
  • Tips on dealing with anger
  • From Angry to Assertive Body Language
  • Appear cool, calm and collected when everyone else is loosing their heads

Stop Procrastinating

  • How to stop making excuses and get it done!
  • Winter Winners
  • The ABC of Winter Winners

12 Life Lessons to learn before you are 40

  • Privacy matters
  • Confidentiality in the office, personal boundaries

Out to Lunch

  • Restaurant Etiquette Tips
  • How to look Professional In Winter
  • Wrap yourself in winter Warmth

Where did your energy go?

  • What I wish I’d said – how to speak up

A Confidence Tune–Up

  • The Confidence Recipe, Confidence Wobblers, Habits of confident people.
  • Battle of the Briefs
  • Do you know how to select the proper underwear?

A Life to Plan

  • I asked Dr Gustav Gous to share his 10 life altering questions I discovered on his course.

The Art of Managing your Boss

The Fine Art of Small Talk

  • Start a conversation in any situation.
  • Confident language
  • Summer Savvy
  • Warm up to these season’s hottest trends
  • Top winners
  • And for the men…

An Abundance of Gratitude

  • Cool Hair for Hot Days

Tips for Holiday Sanity!